El Bosco

Pomegranate pico de gallo with chips served with a smile a mile wide

Say hello to Ismael Castro, the newest kid on the Toronto food truck/catering scene. After leaving Mexico for Toronto twenty years ago, and working in the food service industry here, Chef Ismael Castro decided it was time to take the plunge and trade the front of house for the kitchen.

Chef Ismael Castro of El Bosco

Growing up in Tabasco, Mexico, Castro learned to cook from his mother, as many great cooks inevitably do. Growing up on a farm, his mother was raised to appreciate the best that nature provides and together with his grandparents, they passed that love of the finest ingredients along to Ismael, which he carries with him until this day.

He and business partner, Marcela Geer, spent years hosting dinner parties together and finally decided it was time to quit their day jobs and turn their shared passion for great food into a business. El Bosco is the result.

Plantian Chips topped with raw tuna and mango, churros and, of course, tacos were on the menu at the launch

You might ask if we need another Mexican food truck but I say there is always room for fresh, delicious food. His empanadas, for example, are made with a light, crispy, masa shell  as opposed to a flour based pastry, resulting in a surprisingly light little snack. I do not care to share how many of those little beef empanadas that made their way into my mouth. Pico de gallo is elevated by the addition of pomegranate seeds and the carpaccio style tuna, perched atop a crunchy plantain chip is miles away from some of the heavier Mexican fare you will find out there. If the food I sampled at the launch party is any indication, I look forward to ordering the full sized versions.

The food truck will be found curb side, once or twice month at the RBC food court in financial district as well as  festivals and events around the city this summer, so you will be sure to find them at some point. Of course, the truck is also available for private events and they offer full service catering.

Follow El Bosco on social media to get the goods on where their truck will be so you can enjoy some of this fresh, wonderful Mexican food.

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