Valentine’s Day is a day of celebrating love from those we care the most about. Whether you choose to recognize the Hallmark holiday, or not, there’s no denying that we all need little love thoughts now and then. Our editorial team had a little fun selecting this year’s ideas for the season of love…


You can keep your oysters and chocolate-covered strawberries in romantic dimly lit settings with Barry White (jk, we love Barry White) and take us to Storm Crow Manor (580 Church Street) where Valentine’s is for everyone. This fun restaurant partners with The Grand Order of Devine Sweets (aka The GOoDS) to create the creepiest treat in Toronto – You’ll want to get your arms on the Valententacle – described as “handcrafted chocolate tentacles that burst to the depths of a black bleeding heart” – it’s made with decadent chocolate cake, dripping with chocolate glaze and layered with tantalizing sea salt caramel filling. It’s available on Storm Crow Manor’s Valentine’s Day Dinner – a 3-course prix fixe plus a d20 roll for a random shot. They tell us they welcome couples, throuples, singles and any other configuration of folks who enjoy eating molded-chocolate iconographic representation of the Great Old Ones. iä, iä, Cthulhu fhtagn! (yes, we had to ask Siri, too!). Reservations are now open for seating.


Cannabis-infused personal lubricant collection is worth exploring, says Carole, and this Canadian line is condom friendly line, designed by women, for women Bast Silk 

You can splurge on the Bast Box (pun intended?) that contains lube,  massage oil, C flavoured mouth spray, hard candies that are all infused with cannabis as well as a discreet sex toy. 

elevate your game with this box of goodies for the sexually charged queen photo: Bast



Be like Pedro, build her a cake, that she won’t soon forget, or quite possibly remember. byMINISTRY has a sweet evening of cooking with cannabis on deck. On February 15th Chefs Ted Corrado and Charlotte Langley will be taking over Nella to produce beautiful crème brûlées, biscuits and brownies dosed with CBD + THC for optimal amazingness.

While the science is out on if it actually works, it won’t hurt to try, and our pals at Leafly suggest it’s worth a shot. Love Potion is a cannabis strain that marries G13 with Santa Marta Colombian Gold creating a skunky sativa that could put a pep in your step.


Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace ($204 on goop) is your stylish, sleek and subtle happy accessory for anytime, anywhere. With four speeds the stainless steel smoothy is finished with 24k gold. A full charge lasts 40 minutes. Rechargeable through a USB port. A classy and stylish choice.


Save the gooey sappy stuff to the partners, we love spending time with our girlfriends and there are many things we love to do together! Take a look at what’s happening in the theatres in the city. What’s on her radar is SHE THE PEOPLE (February 4 to 9 at CAA Theatre, Toronto) — laugh the night away at this sketch comedy show entirely created, designed and performed by the fearlessly funny women of The Second City. You can check out Sonya’s review here.

Clockwise from bottom left: Tricia Black, Paloma Nuñez, Karen Parker. Ashley Comeau, Kirsten Rasmussen, Ann Pornel. (Photo by Paul Aihoshi.)


Missed out on ordering Gwyneth Paltrow’s candle scent “This Is What My Vagina Smells Like” reported to have the scent of lemons and bergamot yada yada. It also sold out fast. But we love candles and one of the most lovely gestures Sonya heard recently was about a guy who bought out a night at KANDL Lab for his girlfriend. The luxury DIY Candle making boutique in Yorkville (Toronto) guided them through an evening of creating their own beautiful scents using high-end ingredients. You definitely don’t need to buy out the entire boutique to close it off (unless you want to), but you can go in and create your own luxe candle scent – and while you wait for the candle to set, have a cocktail or hot beverage and dessert. All included in the experience. Reservations required. No time, you can drop in and pick up one of their signature scents.


Create your own Kit Kat chocolate sweeties by booking a table through Open Table, or just grab from their collection at their boutique at Yorkdale Mall. Either way, chocolate is a sure thing for pretty much anyone on Valentine’s Day. This year we’ll be creating our own fun for the kids, mixing up salty potato chips with sweet cocoa nubs and freeze-dried red raspberries. Either way, the Kit Kat Chocolatory will be sure to please this Valentine’s Day.

Kit Kat Chocolatory

Kit Kat Chocolatory

Another fun chocolate experience just landed in our inbox with Hershey’s Kisses Sweet Reunions Post Office, the first-ever pop-up where you can send FREE Kisses across Canada to someone they love this Valentine’s Day. The pop-up post office will be open on February 10 and 11 from 3 pm to 7 pm.


They give us their unconditional love so don’t forget about them on all hearts day! Petsmart has a few cute ideas including these Top Paw Plush Hearts Toys for Dogs (squeeky toy inside). We can’t resist. Available online and instore.

We know how much we love our pets and kudos to everyone who supports Rescues! For the love of our four-legged BFFs, check out COTN Collection “Rescue Dog” print PJs available at Linea Intima. Perfect for fur mamas! The print features the COTN company’s own rescue pups Penny, Zizek, Otto, and Boots. The line of PJs is made with 100% Pima cotton and available in a variety of styles. 10% of sales from this collection is donated to Mr. Bones & Co. – an animal welfare non-profit.

FOR THE HOPELESS ROMANTICS: Secretly, some of us cling to thoughts of what love should be. That’s okay, there’s always room for love in the world! From the brand that basically invented Valentine’s Day, Hallmark Channel Radio (SiriusXM) presents “Love Ever After” just in time for Valentine’s Day. Found on Channel 70, Love Ever After will set the romance mood with love songs from the likes of icons including Michael Bublé, Elton John and Celine Dion. The Hallmark Channel radio makes the perfect companion for your Valentine’s Day in with your significant other, as they play the soundtracks of love with stories and tales from some of the Hallmark Channel stars. Turn the volume up and celebrate!