Uniqlo is a brand that I’ve been a fan of well before it came to Canada. Its technical and innovative advances in design and fabric at affordable prices won me (and my family) over time and time again. Many of the pieces are timeless and classic in style but modern in the cut. They are go-to pieces that often will serve as a base “tried and true” layer. The quality has always held up and I still have sweaters from over 10 years ago in my wardrobe that still look decent. But aside from foundation pieces  (their heat tech warm leggings and cashmere sweaters are a must in the winter), Uniqlo also has several collaborations with well-known fashion names including German designer JIL SANDER.

Sander began her career as a fashion editor. She made her foray onto the runways in 1968 and has become an internationally celebrated designer. Her namesake brand has graced many runways including Milan Fashion Week during her involvement. In 2009, she launched +J with Japanese brand Uniqlo which centred around the concept of “Open the Future”, clearing the way for new possibilities in clothing. Years later, another collaboration was released in the +J Fall/Winter of 2020 and with that success comes the highly anticipated +J Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

The latest collection is inspired by the sense of “sophisticated understatement”  and consists of modern and versatile pieces for both men and women. Colour and fabrics transition from winter into spring. According to the press release, the collection is described as “emerging from the darkness of winter and enjoying the energy and lightness of spring.”

“The overall idea is sophistication,” commented Jil Sander. “A kind of purity that lets us think of regeneration and a fresh start.”

The collection will have 36 items for women and 24 for men. Expected the colour palette to transition from rich blacks and deep navy to complementary lilacs, blush pink to white and ivory. Spotted a few earthy green tones too.

Here are five pieces that I’m already eyeing to add to my wardrobe this spring. The collection will begin rolling in exclusively to Uniqlo stores/online March 25.