I recently visited one of my favourite cities I was fortunate to have called home, Vancouver. While my trip was short, I managed to pack in a whole lot of eating; hitting up some amazing food stops while gabbing away with long lost friends.


For the Taco Lover: 

Mexican joints seem to be taking over Vancouver. There is one on almost every block. Thankfully my gal pal knew the hot spot to hit and ushered us into Tacofino in Blood Alley. Our lengthy meal consisted of a lot of talking, delish cocktails and tons of appies. Funky vibes and fabulous food make it a winning combo.

Not to be missed: Red Chorizo Taco

For the lover of Italian Fare:

My first meal in Vancouver, at Via Tevere Pizzeria, was delicious. Back in the day this spot was a local, non-descript coffee spot. I was glad to see the transformation into a cozy, neighbourhood haunt; making it the perfect spot for a much needed reunion on a wet and windy night. We started with the Antipasto Misto, tasted the Polpette della Nonna (Homestyle meatballs in tomato sauce) and went on to share a pizza. Definitely enough food for two!

Not to be missed: Antipasto Misto



For the Lover of French cuisine:

Weeks before I left Vancouver in 2010 I ate at the opening of Les Faux Bourgeois. For seven long years I have dreamt of their cassoulet, hoping in vain, to one day find a spot that replicated this delicacy. Finally I was reunited with this exceptional fare (and my BFF!). Honesty moment… I was suppose to share but ended up reneging and eating it all myself.

Not to be missed: You guessed it… Cassoulet

For the Lover of Middle Eastern Fare:

I am still dreaming about my dinner at JamJar. Tucked into a small space on Commercial Drive, this place always has a line-up. And the wait is worth it. Every dish we ate I wanted to lick the plate to make sure I got every last drop of food and nothing went to waste.

Not to be missed: Makanik (lamb sausages with 7 spices)


For the Meat Lover: 

Not a restaurant, but Oyama Sausage on Granville Island is a great place to grab sausages for the BBQ or meat and cheese for a charcuterie board.

Not to be missed: Applewood Smoked Bacon