I was a fan of the original Dyson Supersonic when it first was introduced in 2016. I had the opportunity to review the new innovations and had to wrap my head around how this dryer would work on my long hair fast and without using extreme heat. In no time I realized that what they claimed was true. My hair didn’t just “look” healthier but was actually healthier. Smoother, naturally shinier, and less split ends. After I had reviewed it I ran out and bought one for keeps. It’s never let me down.

This week, Dyson introduces their latest Supersonic and it’s engineered for different hair types. In this latest edition are five attachments:

Gentle Air Attachment: ideal for a cooler and gentler dry suitable for fine hair and sensitive/delicate scalps.

Styling Concentrator: a smoothing attachment that is used for precise styling.

Diffuser: evenly diffuses air flow great for curly hair and to help reduce frizz.

Wide-tooth comb: helps to shape curly and oily hair as it dries.

NEW Flyaway attachment: the much buzzed about latest technology to help smooth and hide flyaways. This attachment uses the “Coanda” effect (we first heard about this technology in Dyson’s AirWrap) — high-speed air to attract the strands to the curve of the attachment while another air just pushes the flyaways behind. Essentially mimicking the actions we would experience at the hair salon with the stylist working their magic. Works well with all hair types and especially long hair.

All attach magnetically with ease to the dryer itself and stays put. 

But first, if you’re not familiar with the Supersonic and why people are willing to spend well over $400 for this hairdryer and why it’s touted as the best in the world by many reviewers (actual reviews not just endorsements by”influencers”).

When Dyson first came out with the Supersonic in 2016, jaws dropped. They had reported spent well over $70 million on research and development. . It turned industry heads with the revolutionary engineering and remains to be the most coveted hairdryer on the market today.

It doesn’t look like your average hairdryer. The head itself is a cylinder that is designed to offer a more powerful airflow and a faster dry time without using extreme heat. One of the most asked questions was “will it dry my hair faster?” and while yes, it will but it’s not the only selling feature. Not only will it dry fast but it won’t damage your hair or scalp with heat. With the powerful digital V9 motor, the air flow is much faster, three times faster. It’s intelligent heat control measures air temperature 40 times a second. There’s a built-in glass bead thermometer sensor that measures air temperature and transmits the data to the microprocessor. There are four precise heat settings for even more user control. The handle is balanced for a more comfortable use and the barrel holds the V9 motor. The filter is also located on the bottom of the handle that can be removed easily for cleaning.

Dyson recently held a virtual event to introduce the latest Supersonic and its attachments. They asked me how I would describe my hair type and provided me with tips on styling with the right attachments for my hair. My hair is long, fine and I have LOTS. What I wanted to achieve was a smoother and effortless look. The humidity and heat causes the frizzies and I get this uncontrolled mop as the day goes on. With that information they suggested three attachments, including the NEW FLYAWAY ATTACHMENT to use for styling that I could do at home.

After washing my hair here were my steps…

Step 1: After washing my hair, I gently towel-dried my hair. Then using the hairdryer and the Gentle Air attachment (medium heat and speed) I did a quick gentle dry near the roots.

Step 2: Using the Styling Concentrator attachment and a round brush I dried sections of my hair from root to end. This took a little coordinating (especially in the back) but the controlled airflow with this attachment made a difference.

Step 3: I finished off the drying with the NEW Flyaway Attachment with the hair dry setting at cool. Moving slowly from top to bottom (the curve of the attachment is what is touching your hair. Use a light finishing hairspray to keep the style in place all day long.


If you don’t have a Dyson Supersonic already, I would recommend it if it’s within your budget (xmas is coming). The latest kitted out Supersonic comes in two colour options and with the five attachments is selling for $499.99 Cdn. With the amount of money I spend on my hair (cut, colour, treatments) I want to ensure I get the most out of what I put in. I’ve notice a difference overall with healthier hair. I rarely get split ends (I cut my hair only once  a year) so it’s worth the investment. What I save in having to cut my hair goes into the hairdryer over time. Well worth it. If flyaways bother you then this is a great attachment to have. You can learn more about the latest technology at DysonCanada.ca 

Since I already have an existing Supersonic I was curious if this attachment was available and sold separately. I checked the Dyson site and it looks like it’s already sold out. The selling price is $43.99 and comes in two colours: black and nickel. And yes, it will magnetize to your existing Supersonic.

By the way, there’s also a case (valued at $79.99 Can) that you can get for the Supersonic to keep it safe — say if you’re travelling or want to keep it from accidentally dropping if you don’t have a place for it. I noticed on the site (at time of publishing this article) that they are INCLUDING the case when you check out — I highly recommend getting it. 

*As recommended to keep the flyaways away throughout the day, I followed their expert instructions (demos can be found on their site) and I used a touch of Ouai Finishing Spray. This photo was taken 7 hours after I had styled it on a hot & humid day. The frizzies were kept under control!

*Dyson Canada provided me with the latest Dyson Supersonic with the five attachments for review purposes only.