Most people train to get healthy and reach new workout goals. But if your exercise regimen hasn’t made a dent in your fitness, you’re just not doing enough. Flying blindly through anything in life is no way to ensure success.

Instead, industry vets and fitness enthusiasts have long relied on metrics to track progress. As a young runner qualifying for track and field races it was a stopwatch and a pre-defined route. You knew you had performed well if you shaved a second or two off, and that was that.

But now, we’re in the golden era of data and analytics. And Orangetheory is leading that wave.


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We know that connecting to a heart rate monitor has major benefits. Most of us already rely on ‘closing our rings‘ to ensure we got our 10,000 steps. But if that’s all we’re looking at, we’re leaving a lot of data and insight on the gym floor.

Orangetheory mops this data up, storing info on almost half a billion (!) workouts since opening over a decade ago. Whether through their dynamic online Live classes or in the studio, you can count on having every movement tracked for comparative purposes.

Blake MacDonald, President of OTF Canada sees this new algorithm as a new starting point for the brand.

“In the course of 15 years and 3 million members and close to half a billion workouts – we’ve taken all this data from all these different people and created a separate algorithm that calculates personalized max heart rate for each individual person.

It uses the data to come up with an algorithm. It only takes 5 workouts to calculate your personalized workout zone. Orangetheory is the largest human exercise lab in the history of mankind. We don’t sell the data – we use it to make our product better. What we’re seeing is people’s results improved over the last 8-9 months since we’ve started rolling it out. I’m personally running further and faster. I’m more efficient in my workouts.”

Blake MacDonald, OTF President

This new algorithm resonates with our science-starved society. Between being squeezed for time and money, fitness enthusiasts demand more from their workouts. Orangetheory’s robust workouts are built on a unique platform to ensure the best results. Now, with this new algorithm, you’re seeing results unfold in real time.

Drop into your local Orangetheory or book a Live class to try it out at home.