We’re all looking for something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and while some of us may struggle to see the positives during this pandemic, there are people out there looking to make a difference, offering hope to those who desperately need it and encouraging those that can do more to do just that.

One of these food heroes was put on my radar by a mom in my neighbourhood, on our local Facebook board. Her son Malcolm who just hit double-digits has created a charity to raise much needed funds for the North York Harvest Food Bank. He’s honed his technique on making homemade pizza dough after a trip to NYC with his family where he fell in love with the classic big slice the city is famous for.

foodfighters pizza dough

Clearly Malcolm has great taste! I chatted with Malcolm, and of course ordered up and put my pizza slinging partner to work.

Libby Roach– Tell us about yourself! Have you always had a passion for food?

Malcolm– I’m 10 years old and just started middle school. I have a lot of people in my family who are amazing cooks, so I learned to really love food early on. I always wanted to make new food and try new food. I love food because different countries have different styles of cooking and different flavours, and it’s so cool to taste new flavours in your mouth! 

LR– Tell us about your trip to NYC and what slice stole your heart. 

M– I loved our family trip to NYC because there were so many new foods to try.  The first night our plane got into NYC really late and that’s when I tried my first 99c cheese slice and it was the most amazing pizza I’d ever tasted.  I ate pizza every day of that trip – sometimes more than once!

foodfighters pizza dough

LR– What goes into a good dough recipe? Don’t give away any secrets, but how much R&D went into making this recipe?

M– During Covid, we have been cooking a lot and trying a lot of new recipes.  My mom and I started experimenting with different types of dough recipes and this one is definitely the best. It’s the closest to the NYC slice that I loved so much. It is perfectly chewy and full of flavour. My favourite toppings are cheese and cheese and cheese – and parmesan!

foodfighters pizza dough

LR– You chose a very noble charity to donate to- why did you choose North York Harvest Food Bank?

M– I know I am really lucky to have had so much good food during COVID, and I know not everyone has had the same opportunities as me. I chose this food bank because it’s a part of my neighborhood, and food shelters have had a really hard time during COVID, so I wanted to give back.

LR– What’s next for FoodFighters– do you have plans to continue or reach a certain milestone for fundraising?

M– I don’t know for sure what is next, but my goal is to raise $500 for the food bank.  

foodfighters pizza dough

So how is the dough? It’s really, really, really good. We’ve been buying store bought dough from Longo’s on the regular, and we won’t be going back. Malcolm’s dough is tender, bubbles up and has a lovely olive oil nuance. Equal parts chewy and crispy, the dough is perfect and easier to roll out than the store bought stuff.

Congratulations Malcolm on this amazing charitable initiative! Malcolm is currently delivering (on his bike!) around Willowdale, find out more about Foodfighters and place your order to support this wonderful cause.