On February 20, 2020, DNA Drink Solutions hosted Dope Cocktails, their first alcohol free event, at the Jam Factory in Toronto’s east end. I will admit I was a bit nervous because, although I work with cannabis,  I am a light weight… Snoop Dog, I am not. I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised, can’t wait for the next DNA event and I can safely say that even if this will be your first time trying a party like this, don’t be scared. I guess this is where i get to say “Relax Boomer” except that I think I AM a boomer and you don’t have be a boomer to be new to cannabis consumption.

All the of infusions were made with CBD isolate and THC distillate or nanotized THC and every drink was a pretty look at it as they were to taste.

Walking up the stairs of the Jam Factory, I didn’t know what to expect but was encouraged by the growing sound of good music and the hum of lively conversation. Once I entered the room, I found the vibe laid back and convivial, people buzzing about , drinks in hand while enjoying some of the interactive art pieces. You could have been at any art opening downtown sans free wine and that one drunk dude who is a pathological close talker who insists on mansplaining the art to you. Take away the alcohol and you get a room full of chill.

Although most of the THC drinks contained 10mg of THC, which is more than I felt like I needed that night (remember – light weight), I was pleased to see two that were 5mg, which is just right for this Mama Bear. I followed my tasty Canna Colada (5mg THC version of a Pina Colada) with a delicious CBD Mojito, containing 20mg of CBD and that was the perfect micro dose for me. After about an hour, I felt warm, fuzzy and relaxed. I ran into an old friend who had never ingested cannabis and he was a bit nervous so I sent him to get the same Canna Colada/Mojito mix and he reported back that he also felt great with that small micro dose and can’t wait to try it again.

Basically, there was something for everyone. From THC infused beverages to drinks balanced with both and a couple CBD only drinks like my Mojito to either temper the THC or for those that didn’t want any psychoactive effects but wanted to be at the party.

Upon arrival, everyone was given a booklet that explained all of the terminology needed to gain some insight into what you were about to consume as well as featuring the selection of cocktails available. Each cocktail page told you what kind of cannabis strain was used, the THC and/or CBD content as well as the other drink ingredients, a description of the strain and a spot to get your stamp (one stamp for each drink) – kind of a like drink passport to help you keep track of what you were consuming.

A team of Toronto’s top mixologists were serving up 6 different THC infused drinks and  3 CBD mocktails so that even if you didn’t want to get high, you could still enjoy delicious drinks while benefiting from all of the wonderful properties of CBD. Your $135 ticket bought you admission to the event, 9 handcrafted drinks and 2 food items, with extra food vouchers available for $5 if found yourself getting hungry as the night went on. I hear that can happen.

Apart from drinks, food from Chef Andy Wilson of Poor Romeo and the Vatican Gift Shop and fantastic art on display, provide by local artist Brent Andrew Doty

DNA Drink Solutions has moved into the world of non alcoholic drinks (they still work with alcohol but not at the same time) thanks to the passion of their Chief Drinks Operator, Adrian Stein, a well known Toronto mixologist with a pretty amazing story of his own. Keep an eye out for a more in depth look at Adrian and DNA Drink Solutions and in the meantime, follow them on Instagram to stay in the loop so you don’t miss any of their upcoming events.