After a long day of playing fetch, sniffing butts and barking at squirrels our little doggo friends deserve some time to relax just as much as their human counterparts. And while they may not be able to partake in a pint or two these breweries are perfect places to curl up under a table and pooch out. And if they are lucky there may be a treat or two around.

Left Field Brewery

No dogs will be getting out of line at this East End joint as the breweries head of security and customer relations Wrigley will be keeping a droopy eye on every four legged guests. 

Black Lab Brewing

Don’t let the name confuse you. All breeds and mixes are allowed in Toronto’s newest hot spot. Don’t worry about getting star struck when you see Snoopy around; he is just as approachable as the beer.

Bellwoods Brewery  (Hafis)

As long as you don’t mistaken the large aging barrels as huge tree trunks you will fit right in with the crowd at Bellwoods.

Henderson Brewing Company

Are trains our favorite things to bark at? Then Henderson is the perfect location to hangout. Plan your pee breaks with the UPS schedule and bark away.

Junction Craft  Brewing, Rainhard Brewing, Shacklands Brewing Company

Doggy playdate? Why not brewery hop in the Stockyards? All three are just a ball throw away from each other.

People’s Pint

The rumors are true. The chupacabra is real and if you sniff hard enough you may just see him.

Halo, Blood Brothers

Not gonna lie. Trains may be around these locations too! So much barking to be had.

Big Rock Etobicoke

Pups in the West have places to hang as well. Head to Big Rock and if you are lucky your human may drop a piece of popcorn.

Black Oak Brewing

Doggo comfort at its finest here at Black Oak where you may find a couch to snuggle up on when no one is looking.

Great Lakes Brewing

If the weather is nice out you will love this patio where the breeze will ruffle your ears and the sun will warm your belly.

*rules subject to change and times dogs are allowed may vary based on events happening at each brewery.