We are living through a moment that will go down in the history books. This pandemic has jolted us out of our comfort zone and while we’re eager to return to some form of “normalcy” I’m also interested in keeping record of what’s been happening over the past year and a half. One of the ways is creating a keepsake for future generations to look back on. It’s not just about the headlines – and how a group of volunteers (aka Vaccine Hunters Canada) have helped thousands of people but also about what we did, ate, and did to pass our time…and we’re still not done yet?

I’ve been having fun with the Fuji INSTAX Mini 40 Camera and documenting these unusual times. There’s something about that retro look and feel of using this camera that produces photos instantly. It’s a whole different feel where you’re required to stop and think before snapping a photo. It actually forced me to slow down and look closer at what I’m photographing. I love the look of the camera and actually have kept it out on the dining room side table for anyone else in the family to use it.

I don’t know when it will be done, but it will definitely be something that will be pulled out for generations to come.

If you’re interested here’s a checklist of what I’m including…


Sour Dough Bread, Cinnamon Buns, and Apple Fritter Cake immediately come to mind as so many of us returned to the kitchen discovering or re-discovering the joy of baking and cooking.

Photo by Michael McGetrick/ Unsplash

There are many great recipes out there for both. Here’s an apple fritter cake recipe that’s close to what we made. (Source: Food Network)

What We Streamed:

We had enough of cable television so like many others, we decided to cancel our monthly bill and focused on several favourite streaming services Р and conveniently you can seamlessly through Roku!

Netflix shows streamed endlessly, right? Who else caught up on Schitt’s Creek? But we also enjoyed Emily in Paris, The Last Dance, Manifest, The Queen’s Gambit, oh sooo much.

Amazon Prime we devoured FLACK about a PR firm and their over the top crisis management needs of their high profile clientele.

Apple TV brought us Ted Lasso, the Billie Eilish documentary, and Come From Away the smash hit musical about travellers who were stranded in Gander, NFLD during the first few days of 9/11. A heart warming story that restores faith in humanity. This comes to the streaming service this September 10.

Roku Channel is coming up strong with their own content including the new ‘Squeaky Clean’ a new program that pits three cleaning obsessed contestants to compete for cash prize with celebrity judges keeping a watchful eye.

Disney Plus offered up Hamilton the Musical but also Mandalorian, Marvel, and Pixar movies too.

TikTok videos entertained us in-between meetings from parents with kids to dogs — everyone was and continues in on the action and the challenges.



Every Child Matters


Free Britney

Prince William & Prince Harry

Princess Diana statue (60th birthday)

Oprah, Prince Harry & Megan interview

Donald Trump

Tokyo Olympics

Toilet Paper Hoarding

Pandemic Puppies

Photo by Ariel Acosta/Unsplash

What We Wore:

Facemasks: became the norm and there were no shortage of ways to express ourselves right from the get-go. Everywhere we looked someone was creating a business out of making masks – from the local dry clean shop to some of the country’s most celebrated designers.

Athleisure: let’s be real, we secretly have enjoyed just living in sweatsuits and yoga wear. How many hoodies did you add to your closet? Embarassingly too many? Not enough?

Dress from the waist up: helped get us through the meetings and camera calls during the pandemic. What’s outside of the camera lens stayed outside of the camera lens, mostly.

Unpampered time: during most of the pandemic hair and nail salons were shuttered. We watched our roots grow out and split ends appear. We discovered that we could temporarily do our own roots with hair colour in boxes. But our hair salons also created DIY root touch up kits for those of us who just couldn’t let things go. For our nails we explored doing our own mani pedis at home thanks to easy to apply products like Revlon’s Ultra HD Snap! polish line and Revlon Barbie nail care items.

How we interacted:

Zoom meetings: with all it’s glory. The oops moments to the room raters and how many times were we told we’re still on mute? or reminded that our cameras are still on while we tend to other things.

Remote learning: the struggle was and maybe continues to be real as students went from in person learning to virtual. Hats off to the teachers who had to monitor the kids by cameras and for the at-home adults who became instant recess buddies.

Working out: this one we actually loved. No more excuses of having to “get to the gym”. With many fitness instructors offering online workouts live and discovering how easy it was to explore and stick with new workout routines through Apple Fitness and Fitbit Premium we’ve formed a new ‘habit’ suitable for our new normal. And how many people added a Peloton bike or tread to their homes? Raise your hands!


Airplanes: were grounded in ghostly airport parking lots and remote areas of the world for several months. We’re easing back in now slowly as borders continue to cautiously open up.

Staycations: still yearning to get away but not comfortable going too far, many of us are looking within our beautiful vast country for a much needed change of scenery. Vacation rentals including AirBnb have adjusted to the times to offer more ways to safely get some r&r.

Here’s an amazing view of planes grounded that happened globally.

Are you working on a memory scrapbook during the pandemic too? Let us know what you’re including!