Like camping but hate all the bugs? Enjoy Diner en Blanc but hate the dress code? Al fresco dining is one of Toronto’s most popular dining preferences, so it only makes sense to extend that season with a modern approach. Dinner with a View is that approach. Bubbles, or if you’re fancy, clear and frameless geodesic domes are set to be arranged down on the Bentway, Toronto’s glitziest underpass.

Photo Courtesy Dinner with a View

The domes, of which 30 will be erected (20 arranged for the Montreal show) will be self-contained (and climate controlled), offering guests the opportunity to see the stars the way they truly were meant to be seen, under a plastic sheet with your best friends, treated to a three course meal by renowned Top Chef Canada winner Chef René Rodriguez.
Tickets are steep, and don’t include the price of alcohol. In Fyre spirit, “Customers will receive an e-mail shortly before their reservation with various offers to purchase alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage packages.” Add your dome for $149, and $99 per person, keeping in mind you must book and pay for at least four diners. You have only 1hr and 45 mins to eat before your bubble bursts, so take all this in before you throw your AMEX down for this AMEX sponsored experience.

Dinner with a View is on March 28th to May 2nd. Want more info? Check their site here.