We’ve learned from dermatologists and other skin care specialists that hydration is really important in maintaining healthy skin for all ages. The first time I had paid serious attention was when my teen was experiencing break outs. We tried many different skin care brands and “regimes” believing that it was just a hormonal teen skin issue. We were told to cut out spicy foods that could irritate further.

Often the brands he had tried just made the skin worse. His skin was dry, irritated and was constantly breaking out. Then one specialist we visited shifted our focus on hydration as a key factor to achieving a more balanced and healthier skin. We discovered that his ongoing exposure to being in the pool (he’s a competitive swimmer) to chemicals was a serious factor leading to his dry skin. Makes sense. But he wasn’t about to stop swimming.

Huh, so hydration wasn’t just something for older skin? That thinking changed everything for both of us. I too began focusing on hydration and as a base point in my daily skincare routine. The latest comes from  Dermalogica and their NEW Circular Hydration Serum.

This serum caught my attention and I was anxious to try it. It claims to delivers the sustained hydration our skin needs to achieve healthy-looking skin. It immediately floods the skin with hydration and replenishes skin from within, all while preventing future hydration evaporation with it’s latest innovations.

According to the company’s launch information…This full-circle hydrating serum utilizes enhanced Hyaluronic Acid for deep hydration and more supple, radiant skin over time. It’s paired with an Algae Extract-infused moisturizing matrix to provide quick and long-lasting hydration, plus Polyglutamic Acid from fermented Soy to replenish skin’s hydration reserves from within.

I started to test this product a couple of weeks prior to launch. For two weeks I began to use it in the evenings after cleansing (cleans, exfoliant every other night, and toner). I noticed that a little goes a long way. Three or four drops in total was sufficient to cover my entire face and neck. My skin absorbed the serum quickly. The following mornings my skin’s texture felt smooth and hydrated but NOT puffy. No dry dead skin to be had nor did I have that feeling of tightness on my face. I’ll continue to see if I notice any further changes.

By the way, if you’re curious within the Dermalogica site, I discovered a face mapping tool where you can upload your current image privately and it will analyze your skin’s current level of hydration. I just tried it this morning and was pleased to learn that I have limited-to-moderate levels of dehydration. Wish I did this before I began using this product for curiosity… but I’ll return to again in about a month to see if using this product will continue to provide the recommended hydration. Yes, of course it offers product information but I’ll leave that up to you.

Our skin is constantly faced with challenges from the environment and changing seasons. Lifestyle also contributes to our skin’s health.  This product appears to be good as a consistent base in keeping the skin supple and hydrated. I love that this hydrating serum isn’t heavy either — great since we’re now shifting out of winter and the last thing I want it products that feel weighted down.

Dermalogica’s Circular Hydration Serum comes in a 1 US FL OZ / 30 mL bottle. Find it at authorized Dermalogica spas, salons and skin centres is available beginning March 10, 2022. You can learn more about this product here. 

*This product was provided for editorial review purposes only.