Denim has a bad reputation for being absolutely brutal from an environmental perspective. March 22nd is World Water Day, a singular day inserted into our calendars to pause and reflect on our own ecological efforts. Mavi Jeans is a leader in bringing sustainable clothing to the forefront and takes that pledge seriously. Employing a conservative mindset towards sustainability, Mavi Jeans has reduced their water consumption by 62% and energy consumption by 28%, a formidable statement in this water-dependent industry.

mavi jeans


Basically, from the laborious growing of cotton to the constant fast-fashion nature of producing cutting-edge looks, jeans are the environmental culprit lurking in all our closets. Using upcycled components and dedicating production to high-tech textiles like Tencel lengthens the life of each pair.

“High-quality fabrics, timeless styles, and innovative production techniques are some of the ways we stand out. With these collections, we are continuing to advance our clean approach every day, with every stitch.”

Mavi Jeans Canada
mavi jeans


Creating looks designed for living pays tribute to Mavi Jeans‘ pledge to sustainable fashion. The constant cycle of on-trend outfits puts too much pressure on the environment. The Earth simply cannot keep up. Mavi Jeans wisely invests in timeless designs that pay tribute to what looks good, and what can be worn for longer than one season. Super soft overalls, high-rise boyfriend cut or cargo pants each prove their wardrobe flair, premium quality and ability to morph into being timeless, yet somehow trendy.

Mavi, which translates to “blue” in Turkish has been a trendsetter in denim for over 30 years. Proudly being at the forefront of fashion and now environmental stewardship makes them a company to watch. Scope out their Spring ’22 lookbook here and learn more about their sustainability approach here.

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All images by Libby Roach.