Wild Fork has just launched in the greater Toronto area. The company operates a vertically integrated supply chain to work directly with suppliers to ship fully ready-to-eat meals to your doorstep. It’s like M&M Meats had a baby with Hello Fresh. There are over 500 freezer-friendly finds in their catalogue, so you can stock your home with hundreds of meal ideas- thaw, cook and eat!

Backed by a team of in-house Chefs, these meats, mains and more are curated for busy, budding at-home cooks.


Wild Fork wants to change the way you think about shopping for proteins. Instead of the overly packaged, way over-prepped meal kits, Wild Fork’s method of delivery is more streamlined. Operating as a vertically integrated business, its direct-to-consumer setup promises competitive pricing.

Auburn Lane was invited to try out a few select offerings. As grocery prices become tough to swallow, having other go-to options for quality meats and more is wise.

wild fork jerk chicken

The catalogue is extensive. Between Beef, Bison, Halal, Seafood, Lamb, Chicken and Pork, it’s easy to find cuts that entice you. Add ready-to-go grains and veggies, and you can almost skip the grocery store entirely.

Created for the time-compressed and grocery store-avoiders, the offerings are extensive. Frozen fruit and veggies, desserts and oven-ready bread make anyone a mini-Martha.

Truffle mashed potatoes heat in under 5 mins in the microwave. Meaty proteins are ready to go for your favourite recipes (like these crispy chicken thighs made in the Ninja Speedi). Impressively, tenderloins come wrapped in string, as a butcher would prepare. Jerk chicken thighs (lead photo) pack a punch and are easy to prepare.

wild fork chicken thighs


Comparing prices on your basics, Wild Fork does indeed appear cost-efficient versus your usual grocery stores, like Loblaws. On average, cuts like stewing beef are cheaper per pound ($7.78 versus $9.49). Whole chickens are almost double the price. A package of four chorizo sausages at Wild Fork is only $5.88. I don’t even want to look at what Loblaws is charging.

Proteins come ready to cook, frozen and vac-sealed for easy storage in your freezer. Foods arrive packed tight, and surrounded by dry ice to ensure zero spoilage. Packaging is minimal for most products, although some black plastic non-recyclable pieces are in rotation for the grains and vegetables.

If you’re looking to save some money, and a few steps around shopping, this delivery service is for you. Try out their sensational steaks with this amazing Cinnamon Steak Rub recipe for your next date night in.

Check out WildFork.ca for more info and score same-day and next-day delivery in the GTA and free delivery for the month of March.

All images by Libby Roach.