Exploring the city with your partner keeps things fresh and sizzling. Same old restaurants can become stale. And movies are great and all, but I think on most days I spend enough time looking at a screen and not talking to people thank you very much.
To kick off fall frolicking, we’re partnering up with some of Toronto’s finest attractions. Often overlooked by us citizens, there is a reason why these spots are top picks for tourists. Curated as a mini pocket guide to the city’s different neighbourhoods, we first get frisky in Flemingdon Park, the tidy pocket nestled in by Don Mills and Eglinton. While this area is basically a warzone with all the construction for the upcoming transformative transit project that’s (finally) going in, it’s still easily accessible by TTC now, and an Uber/Lyft jaunt is a cinch in a pinch. Always plan ahead, a tipple or two only enhances the trip- so don’t get silly and drive, mmmkay?

Ontario Science Centre

Walking into the Ontario Science Centre you may feel like you forgot your kids in the car, but learning together, as you did in the early stages of your relationship can have a positive impact on your sexual relationship. According to a study by American Psychological Association, couples who learn together, or take part in self-expanding activities, have more sex, and when they do, they’re more satisfied too. I know, I totally just blinded you with science there, but stick with me- arrive later in the afternoon, when the crowds have settled and ease in with a walk around the grounds, taking in the native birds, tall trees and little hideouts.

Ontario Science Centre- seek refuge in their stunning outdoor spaces.

After the crowds are settled, tuck into the exhibits, first stop, the Science Arcade and see how has the fastest reaction time on their car demo, or get those legs pumping and work up a sweat powering a light with a bike. My favourite is the The AstraZeneca Human Edge exhibit, where yes, it’s all about the human body, but specifically the Aging Machine, a real-time generator showing what you’d look like in the coming decades. Why wait to grow old together when you can do it in a minute, and get a souvenir photo of it for comparison notes. There’s nothing sexier than the night sky, but even on a cloudy day there’s the dark planetarium. Learn about the cosmos and grab a copy of this month’s star chart to navigate the skies for yourself. OSC also hosts representatives from University of Toronto Aerospace Team and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada for enhanced learning opportunities so check their site for the latest events.

Ismaili Centre

The nearby Aga Khan Museum is your next stop. Only about 10 minutes north of The Science Centre, this world class museum is not only home to beautiful grounds, with infinity pools and outdoor art dotting the evergreen landscaping, but the art and culture inside this jewel of a building cultivate an experience that feels like you’ve traveled abroad. Rotating exhibits enrich the space and make it a year round excursion. And, there’s also live performances, lectures and films to soak up, so brace yourself if you haven’t been to this new-ish culture hotspot yet.

Ismaili Centre

After a day of bonding, clink glasses at DIWAN, tucked right inside the Aga Khan Museum and toast your enriched day over cocktails. The setting couldn’t be more perfect. Floor to ceiling windows afford views of the grounds, but you’ll be equally as distracted by the art inside the restaurant, it’s replete with treasures and textures, including covering the ceiling- it’s almost like an extension of the museum itself.

DIWAN Cocktails- Blood Orange Prosecco w/ Gin Soaked Blood Orange, Cactus Pear Lychee

Linger longer over pretty plates that are perfect for sharing, with Executive Chef Mark McEwan helming the restaurant, you’re in good hands. Managing the day to day, and the mastermind behind the Emperors & Jewels themed menu currently on, is Chef Shen Ousmand. Condensing the museum experience into a meal is no easy feat, but that’s where Shen excels, marrying each dish with centuries of culture and paying homage to the history.

DIWAN- Fatteh Baba Ghanouj

The Fatteh Baba Ghanouj ($14) is art on a plate. The firey combination of textures, enveloped in aromatic spices is a great use of contrast. Mint yogurt complements the arrangement and each bite adds that holy trinity of carbs, protein and fat, without the guilt. It’s a sexy plate that paves the way for more, like the stunning Jewel Art Salad ($17), with caramelized figs, micro herb shoots and spiced walnuts, this dish invites discussion, the precision style plating is almost to pretty to portion out.

Diwan- Jewel Art Salad

Feeling inspired? Have you been on a hot date in the 6ix lately? Let us know what Toronto attraction we should head to next below!

Thanks to The Ontario Science Centre, The Aga Khan Museum and DIWAN for having us in! All photos by Libby Roach.