True and You is based on the timely principle that simple is best. Founder Saumya created the line two years ago after realizing how complicated her nightly routine had become, bogged down by a slew of products designed to treat and tame skin but really, let’s face it, they only work if you use them. Coupled with the fact that more is well, more, Saumya sought to create a sustainable line of products that can offer double-duty and completely customized to your individual skin tone.

Custom is the biggest buzzword in skincare these days, everything from deodorant to shampoos are getting the bespoke approach. Saumya identified this as a key advantage to introducing her first line, and masks were a natural starting point. While masks may be an afterthought for some, they are crucial to any proper skincare routine, energizing skin and delivering important nutrients all in one step.

Saumya- true and you
Founder Saumya- photo credit True and You

With a Buzzfeed-style quiz designed to match you with the right ingredients, beauty enthusiasts select their ‘boosters’, two magical ingredients to mix with a Canadian glacial clay base to create your perfect custom mask. There are five boosters to choose from: rejuvenate, calm, detox, brighten and hydrate all blend seamlessly with the clay base. Sustainability is at the core of Saumya’s product line, with clever reusable makeup remover pads that can take a serious beating- wash and use up to 150 times and save the planet from the disposable cloths that are flimsy and ineffective. True and You also boasts hand-poured soy wax candles that add to the at-home spa feeling, with five botanically inspired scents that are uplifting and unique.

true and you beauty

Clean and pure and made in Canada, the cruelty-free and completely vegan skincare line is also eco-friendly, with minimized packaging that is totally recyclable and printed with soy-based inks. True and You also donates 1% back to two outstanding environmental efforts, Plastic Oceans Canada and The Ocean Cleanup.

But what we love most is the absolute hustle from True and You‘s founder. Working a full-time job and pouring all her savings into the R&D of the entire product line was Saumya’s dream since day one. Sticking to her morals and ethics to create a product that she can be proud of from both an environmental and functional perspective, Saumya tracked down industry professionals from every angle to gather and question everything. From peppering staff at Sephora during her lunch hour to cold calls and DM’s on Linked In, the hustle was hard but the devotion reigned supreme.

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