Crystal Minkoff may have only joined the cast of RHOBH in 2021 but she has quietly become one of the show’s biggest stars. Minkoff, who just turned 40 earlier this year in Las Vegas (more on that episode a little later), is a mother, wife and business owner. As a Chinese-American woman in the spotlight, Crystal has brought attention to several important causes, including #StopAsianHate. Her vulnerability and honesty about having an eating disorder made her an instant advocate.

I caught up with Crystal (while partially frozen for a Medispa treatment at Dermapure– I knew she would respect the hustle) and got the skinny on the new season, which airs on Hayu every Wednesday at 9EST.

(Update- Crystal has announced she will NOT be returning for season 14 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills).


RHOBH Crystal Minkoff

Libby Roach– So lovely to connect, Crystal. Apologies for my frozen face, hopefully, it doesn’t impede my speech or enhance my Canadian accent! Getting a Clear & Brilliant® treatment done, couldn’t move my appointment!

Crystal Minkoff– Okay, I have done two treatments in my life of anything on my face, and one was Clear + Brilliantg. The other was PicoSure® because I have melasma, but that’s it. I’ve never had Botox before!

LR- You are the most natural housewife in history then! You cast some shade early on in this season about Dorit not seeing a real body party in how long?

CM- I haven’t heard from Dorit but we’ll see how mad she is. I think she will appreciate the little bit of shade. She’s always looking for a little spice!

LR- Your addition to the cast was a real breath of fresh air. My city, Toronto, is one of the most diverse in the world. It’s unnatural to see a cast of all-white people in any setting. Our co-founder is Chinese Canadian too, so highlighting that diversity is important for us. But I gotta ask- is your brother still single?

CM- Hahah, Jeff is dating someone. Her name is Eunice, and she’s from Hong Kong. They have been together for about a year.


LR- You seem to take on a motherly role, it’s so wholesome! All your relationships seem so nurtured and strong. Do you ever feel disconnected from the other women in that regard? Some of their home life situations look so disconnected.

CM- Uhm, yes and no. I think compared with this group my family unit is the most seemingly intact. A lot of my friends are in great marriages with great kids, the majority of my friends are my friends from school. But it’s hard to watch people’s marriages struggle. I remember I don’t know if it will ever air, but Dorit was going on and on about PK and I said why don’t we not talk about it so much? I felt bad about being around so many single women who were struggling to look for someone. I am mindful of that, I don’t want to flaunt my joy all the time.


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LR- In the first episode, Dorit arranged for a meetup with a healer, Eaglewoman, who brought new energy and hopefully some peace to the group. In the episode, she said, “Forget what you know and remember what you forgot.” I was wondering how that resonated with you after the last two seasons.

CM- That’s a great question. What she said really pertained to my experience being on the show. I walked into my very first scene three years ago, after I had watched a few of the seasons back-to-back, I researched, that’s my personality, and I wanted to do everything right. And then the minute I walked in I had to throw out that textbook.

Nothing made sense and nothing seemed to work based on my approach. I had to let go, and it took time for me to let go. I get stuck in my ways- I think everyone does- it’s taking time but this is the first year I feel much more comfortable in this group and on camera and all those aspects.


LR- I have to ask how was your birthday? It was probably 6 months ago now, but how was Vegas and what can you share about your night with Magic Mike?

CM- I had a great time in Vegas. I had never been to a strip show or to Magic Mike before. I was really excited and knew about it before, I was into it. and it was my birthday, it was going to be focused on me, I was happy about that.

Sutton got upset. I didn’t know what was going on at first. We were sitting in a line and it was so loud. The show was going on, and I was trying to pay attention. I saw some people leaving and I struggled with whether I should leave and find my friend or stay with my friends who hosted. They didn’t want me to leave. I went back and forth, and did end up leaving a little too early, and wished now that I hadn’t. I had so much fun. Maybe I’ll start going weekly! I was really bummed I left!


Note to self: don’t wear pants to Magic Mike. #RHOBH #RealityTV #Hayu

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LR- It seemed like solidarity, a moment for you and Sutton. Kudos to you for being the bigger person. You have shared about your journey with having an eating disorder and made yourself an advocate for speaking up for this cause. How does it sit with you now that castmates are showing up looking like they’re taking Ozempic?

CM- It’s not just the season. It’s BravoCon. I really struggled. I mean, I spent weeks stressing about what I was going to wear so I wouldn’t look big compared to all the girls who were clearly on it. But yeah, it was hard starting the season for me. It was quite a shock, to see how thin everyone was. And it makes you think is this the path I want to take? And I spoke to my doctor and my therapist and it’s like no….that’s not a path for you in terms of my own personal recovery.

It was my own internal struggle, I was quiet a lot this season, and I’ve actually explained that previously when I get quiet it’s because I’m laser-focused on everyone’s body language my body and how I’m feeling. This season it’s exponentially worse for me actually because it’s hard for me to focus on conversations because I’m so hyperaware of the space I’m taking and the space you’re taking. I’m not judging anyone, just judging myself all the time. It was very, very hard for me this year.  

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