Photos and videos are the most treasured souvenirs from our travels. The images we take are the reminders of our family’s shared experiences – the crabs digging in the sand in Cape Cod, jumping waves in Kauai, the dance-off competition on stage in del Carmen, conquering the slopes at Le Massif, or the trek off the beaten path anywhere. Thanks to technology it’s even easier than ever before to produce high-quality images. It’s amazing just how far we’ve come!  Not only can we take better photos and shoot videos easily but we can also be more creative and with less bulky equipment. We can share with our friends and family instantaneously. We can even share with the world if we want to. When I visited the Apple Store recently for a Today at Apple session (a creative session with amazing tips from Youtube whiz,  Zach King), I noticed the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 device on display. I’m always interested in how technology can work into our lives and it was something I thought would be fun to try. I was already familiar with the brand and was interested in taking it for a test run on our most recent family travels to Jamaica. Needless to say, the teens were all in for checking this gadget out!

What is it?

You may have heard the brand DJI as they are well known as the leader particularly in the personal Drone market. The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is a recent entry into their accessories space. Think selfie-stick but responds to movement in real time and oodles of options to help you create impressive photos and videos. So, you can shoot, edit and share easily.

Setting up: We were excited to start playing with this fun hand-held device and while it didn’t come with paper instructions, everything is online and within the app. While eager users will want to just jump right in and try to figure things out on your own (hands up if you’re like me!) there are a number of useful and quick video explanations that will help guide you along. First is balancing your phone in the DJI Osmo. The grips hold your phone in place but immediately you’ll notice that it’s not balanced. Adjusting the device isn’t intuitive but when you see how it’s done via the tutorial video “Mounting and Balancing” (:55 seconds) it will be easy moving forward.

The accompanying DJI Mimo app is filled with quick handy tips, tricks, and examples of what this portable device can do. Pop-ups screens, while in use, will also make suggestions (which I loved) to give you the best outcome.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Combo also comes with a tripod that attaches easily for when you need to be hands-free. It also comes with a charging cable. And about that charge? We took it on vacation and back and have continued to use it for a couple of weeks and it still is holding it’s charge.

More stability: Gimbal is the word here and that’s what keeps everything smooth even when you are on the move. No more shaky, blurry images and videos. The DJI Osmo takes stable images and videos in real-time.

Gesture control: use the stand attachment when taking group shots/selfies for hands-free flexibility. When you’re ready, a hand gesture will let the DJI OSMO know that you’re ready to start shooting your content. No more racing to get into position! Active Track 3.0: My favourite feature allows you to lock your subject in place and stay the focus of attention in videos with ease (gonna try this on my puppy soon). This is activated with a quick press on the trigger button.

Sport Mode: The kids are on the basketball court or at the hockey tourney and the players are moving fast. With active track technology, your video capture can keep the pace.

Here is a sweet video by DJI Creator Bradley Devine and his family using the DJI Osmo Mobile 3

Story Mode: gives you the opportunity to also do a little creative editing  by including music (you can access tunes through the free app), adding text, stickers and playing around with filters. If you don’t have the confidence to edit yourself, there are templates that will help.

Travels well: this device is compact as it folds neatly into its own protective case just slightly bigger than a sandwich bag making it very easy for travel. I packed it in my carry on.

If you’ve got older kids or teens, this may be of interest and a fun way to explore more creative and editing options when capturing these memories.

The photos and videos are all stored on your phone in your albums. The app prompts you to save or save & share your creations easily. I’ve uploaded videos onto our Instagram page so you can check them out. I played a bit with the editing mode myself and still exploring the features!  Visit me  @theculturepearl and @auburn_lane to check the quick videos! You can also follow #djiosmomobile3 for more amazing videos and photos uploaded by other users. Pretty amazing!

This video captures the features of the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 in a nutshell…

The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal retails for $154.95. The Combo pack retails for $179.95. Available at the Apple Store or