If you’re looking for some fun and creative activities for your kids, Apple’s team of educators have come up with some neat ideas! Using the built-in features of iPad and iPhone, kids (ages 4 to 8+) can explore and work independently or activities can be done as family projects.

Some of our favourite ideas:

Concentration with Emojis: for puzzle lovers, send each other messages by only using emojis.

Build a Pillow Fort: using the camera in time-lapse mode, film building the fort, then try knocking it down while filming in Slo-mode mode.

Create your own colouring sheets: take photos around the house or yard or even of pets and toys.  Then edit the image by changing it to black and white filters. You can print them out or colour on your device using Markup.

Change your voice counting fun: learning how to skip count your 2s, 5s, 10s? It’s more fun when you can change your voice to chipmunk or robot! Simply record your voice with the Audio Recorder in Garage Band and then choose your voice effect.

Create a Name Photo Collage: search for letters around the house in books, images, magazines, food labels, boxes, etc. Take a photo of each letter and crop them in the Photos App. Then, add the letters to the Keynote file in the right order. If you have a printer at home, this makes for a fun keepsake.

You can check out the list of ideas HERE.