A few days ago we were joking around about what we would hoard if we were told our city would go into quarantine mode. Chocolate? Wine? Coffee? Many of us are scratching our heads with the images we’re seeing of people racing through Costco to stock up on a lifetime supply of toilet paper. With COVID-19 we are witnessing cities and countries globally on lockdown in attempts to contain and control the spread of this virus.

We’re also hearing of many large scale events like concerts, conferences, and possibly sporting events, either cancelling dates or adjusting public access for viewings. Collision, one of the most successful Tech conferences in North America, announced it will have their guest speakers deliver their talks online– which is great because the line up is pretty amazing! Pearl Jam has cancelled a portion of their tour. I’m still hanging onto the hopes that BTS won’t cancel their end of May concert here in Toronto. Big corporations here in Canada have contingency plans in place and thanks to the ability to work remotely things will continue to move along.

And yes, Ma, we know. Wash our hands. Wash our hands. Wash our hands. Don’t travel if you don’t need to. We know. Sneeze in our elbows and clicking our heels is the new greeting or according to Nonna instead of shaking hands, hugging or kissing — just wink.  Nonna knows.

But WHAT IF we actually go into quarantine? First, we joked, “well, we can order Uber Eats!” Well, no. We cannot. Quarantine means businesses will close – we’re guessing drug stores will be able to stay open. We’ve been scouring different sources to find out what essentials we should realistically have on hand for a couple of weeks.  Try and support small and local businesses if you can as they will be the hardest hit by the drop in customers. We will visit the neighbourhood butcher for a few frozen prepared meals and house-made pasta sauces. You can also buy fresh bread and keep in the freezer until ready to use.

Here’s what basics we’ve found useful to have on hand…just in case.

FOOD: rice, canned soups, beans, pasta sauces, dried pasta, tuna cans, peanut butter, oatmeal/cereals, tetra paks of stabilized milks (almond, rice, etc), frozen veg and fruits for when your fresh produce is all used up, of course, tea, coffee (yes, essential for some of us).

BABY: food, formula if needed, diapers.

OTC: over the counter meds for colds and flu, allergy season is almost here too. While you’re at the drug store or area, you may also want to stock up on feminine hygiene products.

PRESCRIPTIONS: Make sure all your prescriptions are up to date and have enough for a month to be safe.

CLEANING: Laundry detergent, dish soap, soap, house cleaning supplies — should you contract the virus, you’ll need to do extra and minimize spread in your home.

PETS: pet food, treats, any necessary meds.

Also, check on your family members and neighbours who may need help as well.

Hopefully, we won’t have to get to that extreme of a quarantine. Crossing fingers. But, hey, it will be a time to catch up on the latest Amazon Prime or Netflix show, or even download a few books on my Kobo. Oh, and I’m also going to stock up on chocolate, coffee, and wine. Maybe a tub of ice cream and a case of KitKats, too.