Retinol has long been touted for its targeted skincare solutions. From acne to ageing concerns, retinol is the one-and-done gotta-have-it beauty miracle worker that does double duty on a host of tricky beauty concerns. To be sure, Retinol in it’s present form, has been around for decades. But a modern approach to harnessing this powerful vitamin push the envelope on what’s even possible.

Leading the pack for this transformation, Algenist is now out at Sephora. Combining a patented Alguronic Acid with Green Microalgae and Retinol, this high-tech formula is shaking up how we tackle beauty concerns.


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Retinol, or Vitamin A, is found in animals. Dietary sources include fish, dairy products, and meat. Algenist adopts a plant-based formula that is vegan in addition to being safe to use daily. Made from fermented green microalgae, this line of super-effective skincare unleashes time-lapse technology to maximize results.

Retinol’s side effects are, indeed, well documented. This is a powerful topical partner that should not be underestimated. Algenist is certainly very careful in its approach. Its formula features Bisabolol, an essential oil from German chamomile flowers that are known to provide skin-soothing benefits.


Rethink your skincare routine with our line of GENIUS Liquid Collagen® products. An innovative formula that helps to restore your skin’s natural elasticity, firmness, and overall radiance.

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Beauty mavens can certainly trust that their retinol routine will net all the benefits but with none of the baggage using Algenist. The formula is safe and suitable for all skin types.

Adding AHA + BHA + PHA, Algenist can accelerate the exfoliation of dry skin. The result? Smoother more radiant skin that appears more plump and youthful.

Face it, we all could use a little help as we age. For example, by the time we reach forty, collagen levels drop and the youthful plump that helps us glow is on the wane. On the other hand, early intervention is key to pumping the brakes. Algenist aims to not only support skin structure by penetrating the skin’s surface but reinforces an accelerated skin cell turnover.


Visible improvements were documented in clinical studies after just ten days. Deep lines and wrinkles appear to decrease, and, consequently, skin looks firmer. Afterwards, The study resulted in 100% wrinkle reduction for users after 28 days.

But in only 10 days, a whopping 93% reported firmer-looking skin and, amazingly, 96% reported minimized pores, and an overall improved complexion.

Remember, always use SPF when using any retinol product. Find our editor’s favourite sunscreens here.

algenist ten day challenge


It’s easy to incorporate this four-step system into your skincare regimen. Algenist calls it Genius, a sophisticated approach born from innovation. Very sciencey.

Let’s break it down:

A vegan collagen serum for eyes, face and neck, GENIUS- Liquid Collagen Serum can help visibly firm, smooth, and reduce intense lines and wrinkles. The lightweight serum goes on quickly and has a light floral scent. Follow with a spritz of toner, a moisturizer, and an SPF for day use. ($115)

Similarly,designed to be dense, the heavy-weight GENIUS Sleeping Collagen goes to task on deep wrinkles while you slumber. With an intense concentration of vegan plant collagen, collagen amino acids and ceramides, this cream also boasts a lovely scent to usher in a tranquil sleep. ($98)

If you’re looking for dramatic results, on the other hand, look no further than the Green Microalgae Retinol Serum. This retinol and bio-retinol serum is making waves for visibly diminishing deep lines, like crow’s feet and laugh lines. ($85)

Finally, the Triple Alage Eye Renewal Balm delivers targeted solutions for those dark under-eye circles. Say goodbye to bags, puffiness, lines, and wrinkles. Users also reported brightening and firmer skin around the eye area. ($23, for travel size)

Use only once a day for absolutely impressive results. Of course, while on any retinol program, it is best to avoid chemical peel or laser skin therapies. Our ten-day challenge starts today. We’ll definitely update this post with before and after photos soon.

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All images by Libby Roach.