Torontonians craving a home-cooked meal now have a new option. Meet Cookin, a Toronto-based “rapid growth company” set on showcasing home cooks and their recipes. Replacing mass-produced meals with micro-homemade enterprises is a boon for everyone. And that means everyone- from the start, each order benefits The Stop Community Food Centre.

Backed by Patrick Kriss, founder of Alo Food Group, “The moment I learned about Cookin was the moment I decided to get involved. I believe Cookin represents an amazing opportunity for food creators to become entrepreneurs, showcasing their incredible cooking talents for others, and for consumers to enjoy an exquisite homemade delivery experience,” shares the famous restauranteur.

We spoke to two of the talented female chefs, Natasha Quagliato and Esha Sharma about being part of Cookin.

First, other than building brand awareness for your dream of opening a restaurant, how do you envision your relationship with Cookin evolving once you realize your goals? 

Natasha Quagliato: My relationship with Cookin is about support. They support me with everything I need, like connecting me with delivery drivers and with new people who want to try my food.

Cookin is making it possible for me to make a name for myself. I know how difficult it is to work at a restaurant. Opening a new restaurant feels so hard because you need so much money. What I love to do is cook. With Cookin, I can spend all my energy cooking and sharing homemade food with my community.

Cookin_Natasha Quagliato
Natasha Quagliato

How does Cookin compare to the other food delivery apps?

NQ: My pasta is handmade and that is not something you can get at a restaurant. On Cookin, I can bring my identity as Brazilian and Italian to my food. I’m able to share my recipes that have been handed down for generations in my family. That’s why for every order, I send a personal note thanking people for taking the time to appreciate the food I cook.

On Cookin, I can deliver people homemade food that reminds them of home. Even more than food, on the app, we can share where we came from, why we’re passionate about cooking, and what makes our food so unique. This is something you just can’t get ordering from other food delivery apps.


Can you detail why Cookin is a good fit for your company, food and family? 

Esha Sharma: I’ve been running this business for about 2 years where I was cooking everything and my husband was delivering. My food is North Indian, it touches people’s hearts. We have been restricted to a small area because we didn’t have a delivery person. Cookin gave me the opportunity to explore and expand the range of who I cook for. With Cookin, we get an order and in 30 minutes we have to prepare and deliver the food.

From the perspective of family, Cookin was a really good opportunity for me. I wanted to give time to my daughter and my husband while doing something for myself.

How much does the balance of work-life mean to you as a business owner and mom?

ES: It means a lot. From the day my daughter was born, I wanted to stay at home and be with her, and at the same time, do something for myself. My duty as a mom comes first. But I also wanted to do something for myself that gives me happiness. 

Cookin really helped me with balancing that. I don’t have to travel or go anywhere. I have to take orders, prepare the orders, and the delivery person will come. It’s a very nice opportunity Cookin has given to us, to stay home with family and do whatever you want to do!

At the end of the day when I think about what I have done the whole day, it gives a smile on my face. 

Interviews may be edited for length/clarity. All images courtesy Cookin.