Colette Grand Café has opened in Yorkdale’s eponymous Holt Renfrew, with plans to quietly take over their Holts Cafés in favour of a café with French flair. A safe bet for lunches with the ladies and a haven for hubbies looking to take a break, Colette Grand Cafés will soon be a feature of Holts across Canada.

Colette Grand Café- Niçoise Salad

Tucked in just past the men’s department, Colette is elegant and comfortable, like a pair of designer flats that goes with everything. Colette makes a case for mid-shop stops, whether it’s for a caffeine adjustment, a quickie cocktail refresher, or more substantial options from their dining menu.

Colette Grand Café- Beef Tartare

Helmed by the Chase Hospitality Group, Colette offers French inspired classic dishes, elevated with a sophisticated surrounding. A beautiful bar makes a perfect perch for a French Martini or glass of rosé, while the banquettes dotting the room offer more spacious seating for all the magenta hued shopping bags. Smart starters like the Beef Tartare ($17) make it easy to share, while tender tuna in the Niçoise Salad ($19) makes for a delicious carb free-salad. Adopting an all Ocean Wise program, not only at Colette but all their restaurants, is a core focus of the CHG, which means the Pacific Cod ($28) is sustainably sourced, easy on the eyes, and on your own morality.

Colette Grand Café- Pacific Cod

Also a showstopper of seafood, the Linguine ($24) is a beautiful dish of shrimp, mussels and clams in a homemade tomato sauce with perfectly al dente pasta. The menu offers plates that are spot on for lunch or dinner with brunch also on offer during the weekend.

Colette Grand Café- Linguine

With the Vancouver location just open, we’re excited to have new non-food court or abysmal chain restaurant squeezing us into a mould meant for the mall. If you’re a Holts shopper you probably have better taste than what the Cheesecake Factory has on deck, so save time meandering through the mall and plan for a meal more worthy of your currency.

Colette Grand Café- At Holt Renfrew

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