Coffee is ingrained in our Canadian culture. So, for International Coffee Day, we’re celebrating our reason for getting out of bed in the morning. Here’s a look at our favourite ways to get the best out of your daily grind.

As Momiji Kishi says, “coffee is a ritual, as long as you enjoy it,” (read our interview with the HotBlack Coffee owner here). Are you bound by tradition and excel at Espresso Machines? Enjoy the comfort of a French Press? Or maybe you prefer something a little less hands-on? Either way, we have some ideas for you to brew over.


philips 3200 series coffee with lattego
This impressive automatic espresso machine from Philips froths milk for effortless lattes and cappuccinos

When it comes to coffee, it’s all about the beans, baby. But did you know that coffee and espresso beans are essentially the same? Basically, espresso beans are roasted longer and ground finer, which results in a darker brew. Most importantly, look for ethically sourced beans from quality roasters. Ethiopia, Columbia and Kona coffee from Hawaii are reliable beans. Time of year for top producers and climate change also effect the outcome. Bottom line? Invest in quality beans from a trusted roaster. We dig Balzac’s Organic Fair Trade for rich espressos. Easy brew and go blends from PC 100% Sumatran pre-ground arabica beans are as easy as pods, but taste infinitely better.

hamilton beach rapid cold brew and hot coffee maker
Take it to-go with this easy one-cup brew from Hamilton Beach that boasts both Cold and Hot Brew Coffee in a Cinch

Freshly ground beans result in the most flavourful brews. Store-bought pre-ground saves you a step, but ensure they come in a secure tub to keep the grinds fresh. Then, it’s all about ratios. Momiji insists on using a scale for accurate measures. When you’re only using two ingredients, accuracy matters.


Using a French Press to linger and loaf on a lazy morning requires dedication to precision. Too much coffee or too little water will impact the taste and colour of your cuppa.

Also, pay attention to temperature. A rolling boil will burn beans. Instead, aim for 92-95 °C to allow the beans to truly blossom.

President's Choice Double Wall Coffee Press
This Double-Wall Construction French Press from PC keeps coffee warm and secure with a rubber-band bottom

Flavours are a personal choice, but instead of pumpkin spice anything we suggest all-natural sweeteners like maple syrup or agave. Looking for an alternative creamer? We have some dairy-free ideas for your shopping needs here.

Images by Libby Roach.