It’s August and suddenly the “back to school” feels have washed over me. Like many parents we start to think about our kids returning to the classroom and this year, it seems like most will be in-person once again. So, not gonna lie, I’m getting the  jitters as we inch closer to the back to school season. And who is better to help other than Life Coach and motivational speaker Coach Carey? We checked in for her best confidence boosting tips for families.

“Some of my fondest memories are truly around the excitement of seeing old friends and meeting new friends,” says Coach Carey. “I loved going to get new pencils and crayons, and other supplies with the unknown of what exciting projects and experiments might happen this year. My mom always had a tradition to take a picture of each of my siblings and I in front of the school door- and the rule was to always wave once we were going inside. Fun fact – that still applies in my 30s. It was her way of knowing we were safe and ready to go inside. I switched schools a lot though and sometimes the first day at a new school could feel pretty overwhelming but it’s where I started to build the tools that I’m most known for now as an adult – it’s a pretty cool full circle moment.”

What words of encouragement does Coach Carey have for us parents as we head  back to routine of school and the fall season?

“School is much different today than it was when parents were in school, be open minded to hearing about their personal pros and cons. Be supportive when kids share about new activities and interests. Give yourself grace.”

She also reminds us to support our kids in creating a routine that works for us AND for them. “Share about your day first, and it will be easier for them to want to share about their day.”

She also encourages us to shift our energy before the kids come home or before you get home. This can be anything from taking 5 minutes in the car alone to take a few deep breaths before going in to pick them up, or squeezing in a quick gym session before coming home. “Whatever it may be – we can all try to shed the ups and downs of our day before engaging with the kids again in order to ensure we don’t bring the energy of our day back to them.”

Sport Chek has recently teamed up with motivational speaker and life coach, Coach Carey, to create positive affirmations and confidence tips to help parents and kids prepare for this year’s back-to-school season! Having just successfully hosted their Back-to-School Confidence Studio, Sport Chek is now partnering with Door Dash to ensure that kids and parents are ready for the school year ahead.

You may also want to try Affirmations and Quotes — post them on the fridge where every family member can see or copy with a creative font and print off to add to a frame.  It’s no surprise that if we repeat positive words to ourselves daily, we will continue to strive for that outlook in life. Any age can do this!


  1. Confidence is something I can be, no matter where I am.
  2. When I say kind words to myself, I feel happier. What is one kind word I can say to someone today?
  3. The language I use when I speak to myself, helps me be mindful.
  4. The sun and the moon know they are equally important and let each other shine in their own different and unique ways – just like you.
  5. Sometimes growing and learning is hard for us to notice, rest assured that slow progress is better than none. At your own pace.


Gather inspiration from magazines, newspapers and stickers to create clippings for a self-care collage. Together, discuss the activities your child enjoys that helps them feel good. Then choose a visual from the clippings to represent that activity. Hang the collage where they can regularly see it to serve as a reminder that when they are feeling down, they can try something from the collage that brings them joy.

For example, if your child comes home upset from school and doesn’t feel like talking, they can see on their collage that drawing is something they enjoy. Perhaps when they are drawing and starting to feel better, they will open up and share about their day.

MIRROR WORK: True inner confidence is something we are all capable of. How you speak to yourself, plays a role in how you show up in the world. Standing in front of the mirror, recite positive affirmations together. Write one or two of these affirmations on the mirror or in a place in your home where they will see it often.


ROSE, BUD, THORN: A great activity to do together around the breakfast or dinner table to check in with one another.
Rose = something they are proud of
Bud = something they are working towards or excited about
Thorn = something they dislike

Amazing! I mentioned to Coach Carey that I’ve started shopping for the essentials already. Like many families, one of our favourite back to school traditions is getting a few new wardrobe updates since the kids always seem to grow a few inches every summer! Fresh sneakers, a new fall jacket, sweats, t-shirts, hoodies and a new backpack always land on the list.

Now parents can shop from anywhere, any time! Sport Chek’s partnership with Door Dash offers customers same-day delivery ahead of the busy school year. This allows parents to complete some last minute back-to-school shopping from their cottages or from their couches. Kids and parents never have to worry about not having a pair of shoes or sports equipment before the big game! Orders of up to $200 can be placed ahead of 2 PM for same day delivery through Door Dash.

Easing shopping stress for parents, Sport Chek will ensure there is no additional stress associated with the start of the school year as delivery from over 170 stores, including the brand’s complete range of clothing and sporting equipment, ensures that students always feel confident and equipped for the year ahead.

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