Toronto is no stranger to vibrant group fitness classes, but Chi Junky is much more than your average workout. Designed for souls seeking more than just fitspo goals, Chi Junky’s approach casts a warmer glow than mere conventional cosmetic upgrades. If feeling GOOD post-workout is your vibe, Chi Junky is ready for you.

Owner and founder Rachelle Wintzen has dedicated over a decade to her teaching method. Now housed in a beautiful studio space in Leslieville, Chi Junky’s roots formed long before this gorgeous outfit.

Chi Junky: Chi is the Chinese word for life force energy or vitality. Junky, is a term that describes an addict.

photos courtesy Chi Junky

Wearing her struggles with addiction as a badge makes Rachelle an open book and advocate. It’s not often small business owners trumpet the why of how they got their start. But Rachelle is vulnerable and urges you to show up similarly.

Recently reaching a historic milestone, ten years in business, in any small biz lifecycle is huge. But factor in Rachelle’s multi-racial background (Chinese-Jamaican, Indian and French), and her ability to bootstrap this entire project herself. The obstacles were more than her fair share. Conquering addiction and propelling herself as one of Toronto’s most sought-after women in wellness is proof of the Chi Junky process.

A Beautiful Space Offering Full-Service Wellness

Going from a super-svelte 100 sq ft space offering semi-private yoga classes to leading a 4,000 ft wellness destination is inspiring. Rachelle is inspiring. She’s the type of person you instantly admire. Her energy is infectious. Her determination shines. You’ll love her classes if you can let yourself go. It’s a call for intentional intervention for your spirit.

The Chi Junky vibe is high-contrast black and white with many places to sit and rest before and after classes. It’s a friendly space, you’ll likely meet a few new friends, and notice many people meeting their friends there. It feels like how a community spirit should feel.

chi junky lounge

And that, of course, is the intention. Intention plays a lot in each class. It’s not just breaking a sweat, holding a crunch or popping your shoulders with the oversized blue balls. Rachelle actively encourages you to be constructive in your mind. Her Revival Class is a dynamic invitation to reset and reclaim, your mind, mood, and equilibrium. Ditch your problems, focus on your harmony, and dig deep.

In reality, Chi Junky is a full-service mood-adjustment studio with a killer collection of Spotify playlists. Zen Vibes Only: Restorative is  Chi Junky’s ticket to adult nap time, trust us.

The Final Word on Chi Junky

First, Chi Junky is a barefoot studio. And there is alkaline water on tap and reusable glasses for use. All mats, towels, props and more are all included.

Book classes through the Mindbody app. A single class is $34. Memberships and “karma” classes are also available.

To learn more about Chi Junky and all its glory, follow @chi_junky