Strongbow Rosé is the newest offering from the oldest cider company in the entire world, Strongbow. If you know me IRL, I’ve been a loyal Strongbow lover since before I could legally drink (shhhh!), and made it a job requirement when I was tending bar that it would be mandatory to have it on tap. Good thing for me, it always was, and my love affair with the dry cider continued.

Strongbow Rosé

The love affair is in full swing again, with a new product launch by the folks at Strongbow, introducing their latest cider to the collection, Strongbow Rosé. Joining the ranks of their other dry ciders, Rosé is the little sibling to Gold and the Original Dry varieties. Using red-fleshed apples to naturally create the distinct rosy colour, Strongbow Rosé is super crisp and refreshing, with a lovely fruity finish.

Rosy Life at The June Motel

I was treated to a dynamic tasting of all three ciders, courtesy the Strongbow brand ambassadors. While I of course could go on and on about the merits of the original dry, I was impressed by the other offerings, the sweetest of the three goes to the Gold cider, which is perfect over ice on a hot day, and the Rosé is firmly in the middle, not as dry as the OG, and not as sweet as the gold. It was bubbly and tart, just like me back in my bartending days!

Strongbow Rosé at The June Motel

Sampling the ciders under the sunny skies at The June Motel in Prince Edward County was a perfect backdrop to the tasting. Learning the ins and outs of cider production, we got a first hand lesson in how Strongbow is made. From orchard to bottling, the entire process takes just six weeks, with apple juice fermenting for 12 days maximum before being filtered and bottled. A blast of CO2 is added before sealing the can (at the pubs I pulled pints at a CO2 cylinder does the job instantly, it was the only product not kept in the keg room!). We also learned that Strongbow is home to the largest vat in the entire world, holding an astounding 6.8 million litres of cider!

We’re in the age of new, in our endless chase of what’s next, it’s nice to know you can still rely on the old world charm and time-tested traditions of a handcrafted beverage. Cider, at its purest form, hasn’t changed much in the centuries since its creation. Gluten-free naturally, cider is a great go-to summer drink, and its newest Strongbow sibling Rosé is a welcome spin on a classic.

Thanks to the Strongbow team for the kind introduction to Strongbow Rosé, and The June Motel for the hospitality.