Everyone’s favourite rolling trunk show of unique crafts and trinkets is back at the Enercare Centre. If you’ve never been to OOAK, chances are you’re living under a rock, or really don’t get out much. In it’s 43rd year, One of a Kind Show is stocked full of original objets, with crafters and creatives getting the perfect platform to sell their hand-made goods.
While there’s a plethora of products available to purchase, from housewares to jewelry to scarves and full scale oil paintings. And while I scan the aisles, flocking to the curios and curating my shopping list (and my own wish list!) my fave part of OOAK has to be the food offerings. Yes, there’s cookies, and salad dressings, but if you’re looking for something to give as a hostess gift, or a little office Secret Santa, the food scene is where to be. Here’s a few items we sourced out for just that cause. Hand-made, made in Canada, these OOAK finds are great gifts that won’t break the bank.

Mellifera Bees

Who doesn’t love honey? And with an eco-push awareness highlighting bees and their tender plight, you can be sure this sweet stuff will hit the spot with just about anyone. Mellifera Bees honey is swanky and sexy enough to give on it’s own, with flavours like vanilla, cardamom, ginger or lemon, and since it’s smack in cold + flu season, it’s a thoughtful gesture for that sickly person in your life too. Michelle, I’m looking at you! Ringing in at under $20, you better believe this golden nectar will be as easy to give as it is to get.

Claire Manning Illustrations

One look and you’re hooked! If you have someone hard to shop for, or looking for a lux-layer for wrapping, the cheeky and delightful designs from Claire Manning are just the ticket. Tea towels, totes, aprons, it’s all on deck, with many variations, pizza, sure, we can all get behind that, but what about a root vegetable motif? Or one with a giant squid? It’s this sort of individuality that makes a gift feel special, no matter the price tag (which is $20 so pffft!)

Forbes Wild Foods

Since maple syrup is basically my go-to condiment, you can bank on at least a few bottles getting gifted this year, and as Dyson over at Forbes will tell ya, I’m there every year, smuggling a couple liters of dark magic for me to horde until next year. I am passionate about my syrups, collecting them like fine wines and comparing the various regions and terrior of our home and native land. Forbes makes some fantastic syrups, from Amber up to triple dark delight (not an actual product name) in various sizes, so a little mini jug in the stocking might be just perfect. But other options, like their assortment of dried mushrooms (which come in under $10 a bag) make for unique gifts for the gourmand in your life (Uncle Ken, hope I didn’t just ruin Christmas).