Celebrities during TIFF can be fickle, picky and downright demanding. It’s almost a guarantee that the onslaught of media requests, red carpet moments and late-night partying requires some serious downtime in between. A sanctuary, some stars may call it. And all will certainly need it.

That space the stars call home is a luxury three-story penthouse housed with its own elevator right in the middle of everything. The SoHo Hotel is in the hub of TIFF activities, and while it’s definitely already completely booked for the festival, I take solace in knowing this suite even exists!

Anticipating every last whim and detail requires a professional touch. And considering this very special space isn’t even listed on The SoHo Hotel & Residence‘s website, you need to be in the know to book a stay like this. Consider Bridget Villemaire the go-to for everything SoHo, but specifically, she’s the contact to book this sweet suite.


This boutique one-of-a-kind property boasts 89 rooms and an adjacent residence. While on-site Moretti Cafe and Pizzeria Moretti will no doubt provide sustenance to the stars, outfitting a penthouse such as this often necessitates the talents of a personal Chef. Between hectic schedules and rigorous wellness routines having your own space to eat and entertain is a bonus.

The sunny and spacious terrace provides extra dining space and a barbecue for grilling. Lounge chairs and couches extend the outdoor living space. After a long day, a hot tub is a crowning touch just above buzzy King Street West.

The inclusions are lengthy. The space is unlike any hotel property in the city. With multiple fireplaces, two bars, a kitchen, six big screen TVs, and a massive walk-in closet, well- you can get lost in this suite. Equipped with a chakra-balancing bathtub, water flows from the ceiling, which is 14 feet high. Every detail has been thought of, including living plants, and the space is replete with distinction.


Even when not sold out for TIFF, the 4,000+ sq ft penthouse is regularly used for Netflix film shoots and hosting production companies. Naturally, the entertainment district is the perfect location for this unique hotel experience.

soho tiff penthouse terrace

Here, SoHo is an urban oasis by definition. Beginning your day with a sweat session is a cinch. SoHo‘s on-site (and in-room) trainer to stars like Madonna and Pink, Dalton Brown is an expert on physical fitness. Consider this an add-on experience to provide you with the motivation and energy to get through the festival. While you’re busy with burpees the glitz and glam of another day of TIFF beckons. We can hardly wait for next year!

soho dalton brown gym

Because festival season waits for no one.

All images by Libby Roach.