Spring into Spice, the sought-after outdoor food and wine festival, is back in Toronto. It will be happening on Saturday, May 11th, from 12 noon to 10 PM at Fort York National Historic Site. Attendees will relish the unique fusion of wines and cuisines. Caribbean, African, Indian, Thai, and Latin American dishes, creatively paired with wines that depart from the usual rum tradition. Led by Toronto sommelier Beverly Crandon and her team, the event aims to challenge culinary norms. The aim is to promote diversity, highlighting BIPOC, gender, and immigrant stories.

Spring Into Spice

diversity in food and wine spring into spice

“With Spring into Spice, Torontonians will be able to travel the world without leaving the city, let alone crossing oceans,” added Ms. Crandon. “Patrons will be able to buy a glass of wine and feel confident in pairing it with an international dish – a pairing they may have never imagined possible – and enjoy some music, express their creativity through art, engage with the community, then return home all in the span of a few hours.”

The festival will feature 45 ethnic food vendors, wineries, and importers in an open-air environment with the city’s hippest DJs. Attendees can stroll and sample various international cuisines, visit the wine tent for flavorful pairings, and purchase tickets for food and wine samples online or at the venue. Ticket options include General Admission and VIP Packages.

Beverly Crandon underscores Toronto’s multicultural essence by celebrating immigrant culinary traditions. The festival, part of the Spice Food & Wine Series, encourages exploration of ethnicity, cuisine, and wine and offers immersive seminars for enthusiasts.

Incorporating BIPOC artists, the festival supports emerging talents like Trenedee Watson and collaborates with BAND Gallery to provide a platform for artists of colour.

The Details- Dining with Intention and Diversity

Spring into Spice promises Torontonians a global culinary journey filled with music, art, and community engagement—all within the city limits. You can buy tickets for the event ranging from general admission to a full VIP experience. A great option for Mother’s Day is a package ( $95) that includes flowers, 40 wine food and wine tasting tickets, photos and a complimentary seat to sommelier Beverly Crandon’s Wine Tasting 101 online seminar (seminar value – $149).

For further details, visit www.spicefoodandwine.com