Galentine’s Day may sound like another reason to get together with our besties…and, well, IT IS! We love the opportunity to gather our dearest friends! We can’t wait to celebrate our sisterhood at the Galentine’s performance of SIX the Musical at the Royal Alexandra Theatre here in Toronto on February 13. It’s going to be a whole lotta fun!

SIX is the highly entertaining and non-stop energy production now on stage at the Royal Alexandra Theatre. From Tudor Queens to Pop Icons, the SIX wives of Henry VIII take the microphone to remix five hundred years of historical heartbreak into a Euphoric Celebration of 21st century girl power! This new original musical is the global sensation that everyone is losing their head over!

We chat with Krystal Hernandez, who plays Anna of Cleves, to find out what it’s like to be part of this amazing Girl Gang.

This energy shines a spotlight on the wives of King Henry VIII and gives us a modern day perspective. Other than being married to the same guy, what else did they have in common?

Krystal: I think all the queens shared a need for survival. In a period where women weren’t given many choices in their life, all of them were just doing the best they could with the circumstances they were given. But the show allows you to see how even when we come from different circumstances, the only way things change and progress is to support and uplift one another.

What do you love about being part of this cast? Almost like a sisterhood, right?

Krystal: Yes! It’s so amazing to be a part of this show where we truly uplift each other. The fun and vibrant energy is a constant on and off the stage with all of these ladies and it has been so refreshing.

If your character had to pick one of the other SIX wives to have a girl’s night out, who would that be and why? Also, what activity would you choose to do?

Krystal: I think Cleves would have a girl’s night out with Parr. I believe they would go out on the town and grab a glass of wine and chat about Henry.

We’ve often heard that this musical has an almost “Spice Girls” high energy girl-power feel to it. So, who’s your favourite Spice Girl and why?

Krystal: I think my favorite Spice Girl is Mel B. She’s spunky and definitely has Cleves energy.

If you could go back in time and meet the actual person your character was based on, what would you want to tell them?


What’s your favourite number in this musical and why?

Krystal: I LOVE No Way. It’s the perfect number to start the Queen solos and Jaz does such an amazing job at bringing that vibrant energy. It also has some of my favorite groovy moves in the show.

If you could hang out with any female in the world who would that be? What would you want to ask them?

Krystal: I would definitely love to hang out with Cardi B. She is my personal queenspiraton for Cleves. I don’t know that I would ask her anything specific but I would definitely want to tell her how amazing I think she is. A real BOSS!

What was the best advice anyone ever gave you in your career?

Krystal: The best advice I’ve received is that when you enter an audition, the people behind the table are rooting for you. They are HOPING you are the missing piece to to their puzzle so they can stop the search and get to work. It helped me a lot with my nerves and expectations of perfection. Just be yourself!

SIX the Musical is now on stage at the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto until March 31, 2024. (Yes, it got extended! No surprise!) For more information on the Galentine’s night or any other show date, visit

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