Seems like just last year we weren’t sending out holiday cards, sorry, and now, licking envelopes and sending our germs across the country seems like a wholesome pastime. An equally wholesome and seasonally awesome effort is giving to charity, so why not double-dose yourself with nice-ness and send your love far and wide, reaping the benefits of connection and support.

Here are a few cards we’ll be sharing this holiday season.


Designs By Jules (Lead Photo)

Her IG shop where she shows her artwork gives the briefest snippet, “I was run over while biking dt Toronto and survived.” Julia Cawse may keep her bio short but her artistic talents are long, as is her festive nature, which guides her lens on these inspired cards.


David Suzuki Foundation Cards

Choose from a selection of artists – I love these designs by Crystal Smith

Cards from the David Suzuki Foundation

Buy cards that celebrate Canadian nature, all designed by Canadian artists and the cards you purchase will help support the work to secure climate change targets, increased investments in nature-based projects and more. They come in 8, 12 or 16 packs.


You can’t go wrong when you’re doing so much right, and with Unicef cards, you cover a lot of well-respected bases. Look for card collabs from your favourite shops, like Hallmark and IKEA, or order online through the Impact Marketplace.


Your heart is in the right place if you’re opening your wallet to this incredible institution, known internationally for life-saving interventions and innovative research. Their cards range from cutesy designs to artist-in-residence creations by some of their hospital heroes.

cool to connect

Cool to Connect

While technically *not* a holiday card, these thoughtful Cool to Connect prompts bring colourful conversation and insight to all 52 conversation starters. Used to draw out the authentic and real discussions we *should* be having, with prompts like “Share something vulnerable about yourself”, it’s easy to spark a conversation that won’t be soon forgotten.