Candles as a Christmas gift may seem impersonal, but hear us out: they smell amazing, they add warmth and a glow to our homes (in winter when we really need it) and everyone loves them. Choosing non-toxic blends that suit your recipient is easy to source.

Whether it’s a fragrance that reminds you of a joy-filled vacation, a vessel that looks beautiful or a charitable component that warms your heart, candles are perfect to gift to someone special (or not). Keep a few in the closet wrapped and ready to go, you never know who’s dropping in these days.


Our preferred candle emporium in Toronto, KANDL Artistique Lab dazzles with its collection of branded and celebrity scents. Shop for brands like Boy Smells candles, the Lanai scent is our personal fave. If you’re stuck for inspiration opt for a lab experience, Kandl offers gift cards so they can craft their own.

Wildcraft Candle (lead photo) is a proud Indigenous-owned company dedicated to skincare. Founder Laura channelled her early childhood in small-town Ontario into developing the line, which features natural beauty boosters like rose and bergamot to bring earthy balance to its formulas. The candle is clean burning, made with a coconut-soy wax blend and features lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. Bliss.

ripon winter solstice candle holidays

The winter solstice marks the longest night of the year and this woodsy scent from LODGE Soy Candles channels that peace and quiet. The soy-based blend made in collaboration with Healer Asha Frost, this eco-friendly, Indigenous-designed, made-in-Canada candle is a blend of frankincense, balsam fir, and cedarwood essential oils.

everly refillable candle santo

Every Everly candle is hand-poured right here in Toronto. Toxic-free essential oils comprise the scents (which are heavenly, naturally), but further proof of their scrutinized approach to being waste-free is easy to see. Lead-free wicks, soy & coconut blend wax, and, of course, an unconventional approach to candles. This DIY kit (which is as easy as pouring yourself a coffee) uses whatever empty vessels you have laying around, reusing and repurposing what would normally go to a landfill. From $35 at

lush snow fairy candle holidays

The Snow Fairy isn’t just for The Nutcracker. Here, the scent is sweet enough to whisk you off to sugar plum land, with top notes of bright sweet scents; think cotton candy but make it festive. Lush‘s soy-free and vegan candle is available in 4-wick for $50, or single for $18.

All images by Libby Roach.