Call it a return to wholesome or nature but Canada is definitely having a moment when it comes to beauty and specifically in nails! If you’ve been caught up in the whirlwind of Hailey Bieber (we consider her an honorary Canadian) you’ve probably noticed her influence in nail art with her “Hailey Bieber nails” aka chrome nails or glazed donut. The look is undeniably flattering on everyone and all ages. Yes, even I tried it and yes, it continues to trend. According to my nail salon it remains to be the most requested style after Hailey showed it at the Met Gala this past May. But what else? Our eyes caught on to BioSculpture’s new Fall PRIDE OF NATURE collection.

The nourishing line of BioSculpture Gemini nail polish features 7 new colours that pays homage to the majestic beauty of Canada’s landscapes in celebration of BioSculpture’s Canada’s 25th anniversary. The colours were conceptualized by the Canadian team.

Golden Fall is reminiscent of the rich carpet of the Boreal Forest.

Island Clay is A red-brown clay blend with a golden undertone inspired by the rusty hues of Prince Edward Island.

Lake Louise is a calm turquoise, reflecting gentle hues of blues and greens that carry peacefulness and tranquility associated with these shades from the water to the skies above.

Sea Foam is a soft peachy white colour that brings winter shades together. This classic neutral is inspired by Bay of Fundy seafoam

Spectrolite is a shimmering, dark and iridescent colour with a black setting to enhance the blue-green shades inspired by mystical Labradorite stone.

Sakura Blossoms draws inspiration from the many blooms we often see on the cherry trees found in British Columbia and Southern Ontario — a light pink with hints of white and red to lighten up a cold winter’s day!

Oyster Shell is a distinctive warm grey that stands out with a khaki undertone with love for both Canada’s coastal communities on both west and east.

You can find the collection here. And for more nail inspo check out @evogelcanada on instagram!

Oyster Shell with a hint of Sakura Blossoms

The Hailey – chrome – glazed donut nail effect!

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*Feature photo Island Clay and Golden Fall.  All photos by Sonya Davidson