Looking to double down on your workout? Nucleo’s newest class packs a punch, literally. The tidy Leaside studio is combining two well-known workouts into one dynamic sweat session, meet Box & Row, the newest class designed to turn you into a lean, mean, rowing machine!


Daryl Mack & Marlene Kadin

Owner Marlene Kadin has partnered with boxing coach Daryl Mack to create a class that burns about 1,000 calories in just one hour. Kicking off with a cardio warm up, participants dart back and forth between throwing punches, or rowing. Daryl instructs boxers on a slew of punches, using hand blocks to mimic landing an actual punch, and switching back and forth to shadow boxing while he works the room.
Weaving back from boxing to rowing, you’re never sitting still. The interval style method works brilliantly for burning some major calories. After two minutes of punching, you’re whipped back onto the rower, with Marlene’s guidance to court you to a perfect pace. The total body workout leaves legs exhausted, arms tight and toned and core and trunk in check. I was sore for days, in the best way possible!

Nucelo’s Marlene Kadin

Sign up is required ahead of time for this new class- check Nucleo’s schedule to sign up and learn more.