Byblos is one of our favourite restaurants in the city, so when they launched their new weekend brunch, it was time to revisit, and this time not eat the lamb for two (for one, I don’t like to share). With sunny windows facing Yonge Street, the inviting front area is a perfect spot to catch up with pals over eggs and sangria.

byblos m'taabal

Byblos- M’taabal

Some plates are repeats of the dinner menu, fan favourites which go well for breakfast tummies, like the M’taabal ($16), with hot pita fresh from the fire. With earthy mint and springy dill, the eggplant dish is a perfect plate to start with.
byblos, roasted beets

Byblos- Roasted Beets

The jewel of the starters, the Roasted Beets ($14) make a case for more bread, with crushed pistachios adding a salty kick to the in house-made labneh. Barbari bread acts as a perfect mop to catch all the juices from the roasted beets, while dill adds depth beyond just a green garnish.
byblos, shakshouka

Byblos- Shakshouka

As shareable as it is instagrammable, Shakshouka ($19) is a hallmark of many Middle Eastern breakfast menus. Naturally, it makes it’s fire-kissed debut here on the brunch menu, with impeccably poached eggs and smoky tomato sauce, the dish also comes flanked with bread, which is all but mandatory to polish off this satisfying dish.
byblos, poached eggs

Byblos- Poached Eggs

A classic benny in disguise, the Poached Eggs ($15) are a hearty portion of velvety soft eggs, served with chickpeas and wilted kale. The ‘hollandaise’ sauce brings muhammara into the fold, a hot peppery sauce injected into many Middle Eastern dishes.
byblos, strawberry qatayef pancakes

Byblos- Strawberry Qatayef Pancakes

Sweeter palates may prefer the Strawberry Qatayef Pancakes ($16). A generous fluffy stack of sweet strawberry hued pancakes make a case for skipping straight to desserts, with rhubarb and crunchy almonds adding dimension to the sweet dish.
Lattes, cocktails and sangrias make up a portion of the drinks menu, but with a list of impressive cocktails, trust the skilled Byblos bartenders to really make the most of your midday meal.

Uptown Girl

Thanks to Byblos for the introduction to brunch! Book your table ahead of time using Open Table.