The latest UNIQLO U 2023 Spring/Summer Collection, titled “A Sense of Ease,” designed by Artistic Director Christophe Lemaire has officially launched. For anyone who is looking to streamline their closets with high quality and affordable pieces you may want to check this out. Designed to bring a sense of ease by offering a timeless capsule wardrobe centered on versatile pieces, the new collection is tailored to dress you through any of life’s moments.

Lemaire and his team in Paris has reimagined everyday essentials with contemporary urban silhouettes with the innovative fabrics UNIQLO is known for. You can read his interview here.

Uniqlo U SS23

We pay particular attention to their seamless, tubular cut and sewn pieces where the technology minimizes side seams, as an example. The result, a more effortless way to move in your clothes.

UNIQLO calls this LifeWear — a way to rethink how we wear our apparel. Function and technicality makes for more sophisticated looks and not necessarily a super sporty look.

Here are some of our favourite pieces already in stores and online (there’s more!). You don’t have to wait for summer, these are perfect packing pulled-together pieces for your next vacation getaway too…