Bootleg Smokehouse has just launched a beefed up brunch menu, a perfect spring launch for the downtown restaurant. Boasting brunch finds beyond basic bennies, the sophisticated smokehouse is adding a new layer to Toronto’s favourite weekend meal.

Balancing boozy spirit-forward cocktails like the Negroni or a classic Old Fashioned start the day off with a bang, but coming in at a smart and easy to swallow $8 means you can stick around for a second. Every Saturday and Sunday brunch is on deck from 11am-3pm with their brunch-specific cocktail menu, which also boasts $20 pitchers of red, white or rose sangria.

The menu is a concise offering of family style favourites. Fluffy Cornbread Pancakes ($11) are a bargain and meant for sharing. Cornbread is a BBQ staple, and here, it gets the royal treatment with smoked butter, whipped cream and bourbon maple syrup. The Piggy Platter ($22) is aptly named and pairs well with the Cornbread Pancakes for that carb and carnivore combo. Chef Kevin Diaz constructed a beauty offering of in-house smoked Ribs, Bacon, Andouille Sausage, Pulled Pork with all the fixin’s. Smoky and sweet baked beans, salty homefries and tangy mixed greens round out the board, an on-trend plating style that enforces the share-sies rule.

Smoked Berry French Toast ($14) offers a re-imagined sourdough, soaked with maple bourbon and smoked fruit, an unusual approach to fruit, but it definitely works- the smokiness tones down the sweet, bridging the gap between savoury and sugary.

If you’re in recovery mode or maybe looking for something that doesn’t have a face then the Chia Seed Pudding ($14) with coconut, berries smoked compote sunflower sprouts is a smooth move. The generous portion boasts fresh berries, toasted and shredded coconut and all-mighty chia seeds. If you’re looking to bring balance to your boozy brunch, you can feel good about half your choices opting in on this fruity wonder.

If your basic brunch has become a bit stale, sink your teeth into something that satisfies. Bootleg Smokehouse checks a lot of boxes, the two level smokehouse is housed in a heritage building, and offers an upscale approach to BBQ bites. The core of this restaurant is service and style, no paper napkins or tin trays to cart your food around, here the focus is on the food and the experience, you’re comfortably sated and seated.

Weekends are buzzing at Bootleg, on Fridays and Saturdays Bootleg Smokehouse offers a late night happy hour where all cocktails are $8 from 9pm-close and Sunday evenings they offer 1/2 priced bottles of select wines. We love a good deal, don’t you?

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