Body Harmonics is on a mission. And while the obvious quest is to get people moving, their roots are steeped in ethos that goes beyond body image. What started off in 1998 as a place to train the trainers has now morphed into a collective of classes for the masses, with two locations to engage the Toronto core. And, as seasoned Pilates veterans will tell you, there will be a lot of engaging of cores during any of their any of their classes, moulded and formed thoughtfully to create and promote strength and deliver a dose of connection, to your body, your muscles and your spirit.

Body Harmonics- Dupont Studio

Margot McKinnon exudes this practice, in every facet of her business. “This way of movement isn’t for everyone. But I’ve seen lives transformed, bodies sculpted over dedicating themselves to this movement. Human behaviour craves the immediate, instant gratification, so the promise of feeling great when you’re 65 isn’t relevant! We’re here to explain the why, and create more relevance so it’s more meaningful, something they may even feel guilty for stopping!” offers Margot.

Body Harmonics- Reformer Class

Most people choose fitness classes based on their schedule, not what their body requires. Schedules reign supreme over conditioning, a fact Margot understands complicity. “If you’re only coming to class to get toned arms, that’s great. Hopefully somewhere along the line we shift that paradigm to something that’s actually empowering. Let’s find a new normal that’s going to make you feel good about everything,” says Margot.

Margot McKinnon- Photo Courtesy Body Harmonics

So what can you expect from a class at Body Harmonics? It’s suggested to book a one on one consult first, like a little check in to ensure you’ll be starting off on the right track. The 45 minute consult with a Pilates certified instructor will gauge your fitness experience, and any lingering physical injuries or issues. While most studios will try and offer corrections or modifications during class, BH’s method is intuitive, spending that time ahead of the workout helps you focus on the moves in the moment, and translates to any other workouts (hello running!) that could use a little tweaking.

Margot McKinnon- Photo Courtesy Body Harmonics

Body Harmonics’ schedule boasts Pilates and traditional mat classes which stream well with Springboard and Reformer classes of all levels. And while classes, which are also on the menu for trainers (just ask any Pilates class where they took their training) are the meat and potatoes of their offering, this feel good space isn’t just a hit-and-run type atmosphere. Massage and physiotherapy complement the classes, and there’s even life coaching and fascial stretch therapy to encourage your wellness journey and support your spirit.

Huge thank you to Body Harmonics for showing us the ropes!