Bio Sculpture debuted in Canada around 1993. After its initial success in South Africa, the brand began to expand internationally. This expansion allowed Canadian nail technicians to have access to a healthier, more sustainable nail care product line. It also helped solidify Bio Sculpture’s reputation as a global leader in the nail industry. Through establishing a presence in Canada, Bio Sculpture facilitated training programs. This ensured that nail technicians were well-equipped to provide optimal services using their products.

With a never-ending and overwhelming selection of new and “the best” nail systems, it can be confusing. I know that I have friends who THINK they are getting Bio Sculpture but they are, in fact, getting some other sort of gel manicure. When I explain what the differences are, they are immediately curious but initially, skeptical. Because my nails are usually a hot mess, these new, lovely nails were hard to argue with.

How does bio sculpture differ from traditional gel nails?

  1. The health of nails is the top priority, and more steps are taken than in typical shellac or gel
  2. kinder to nails, gentle, not damaging, longer lasting, vegan, toxin free
  3. applied similarly but use their own uniquely formulated products so they are protecting/caring for your nails. Pretty colour is almost the bonus cherry on top
  4. the Ethos treatment sets it apart. It’s always applied in a patch under your colour and the formulation is chosen to suit your nails. It’s not a one-size-fits-all all approach. Think “bespoke” nail treatment
  5. Bio Sculpture is also the first company in its class to have undergone a stringent independent Clinical Research Trial and received a 5 Star safety rating*.
  6. As far as nail techs go, training is the key to providing a really top-notch manicure. The company offers continuing training and support. Some nail salons use only the Bio Sculpture base products and then another brand of gel colours on top. Make sure to get the goods before booking an appt.
  7. At between $65 to about $100, it can be a bit more expensive than standard gel applications but I think it’s worth it.

Carole Meets Bio Sculpture: A Love Story

I was invited to indulge in a complimentary Bio Sculpture manicure a few times and I ignored them, for the most part. My nails are soft, they tear below the line and even split down the centre. I cut them as short as humanly possible to try to avoid painful tears and wear press-on nails when I want to look like a groomed human. After too many disappointing attempts, I had given up on having healthy, pretty nails.

After seeing Libby’s nails, I accepted the offer to meet with Rebecca, my manicurist. Rebecca Elise is also the Manager of Brand Development and Education for Bio Sculpture Canada.

bio sculpture nails

The manicure took much longer than any other mani I have had – 3/4 of the time was prepping my nails for polish. Buffing, buzzing the cuticles, applying flexible bases for my weak, bendy nails. A small square of the ethos treatment is applied to the middle of your naked, prepped nail before the base coat is applied. That base coat is then sealed under their patented UV lamp. Colour was applied with a long brush for extra precision. Two or three coats of colour to ensure even coverage, cuticle oil, hand cream and massage and you are good to go. This manicure takes almost 2 hrs but, again, I have very fragile, soft nails that tear and they require some extra love.

Would It Last?

So, after my first manicure, my nails looked incredible but they have looked incredible with previous gels and acrylics. The difference is that this time, they continued to look incredible. No chips, no thinning, no problems. When they were showing significant outgrowth after about 3 weeks, I booked an appt to get another. This was the moment of truth: would my nails be damaged and worse than before underneath like with other gels and acrylics?

Spoiler alert: No, they were fine.

bio sculpture nails
Not to sound dramatic, but I feel like discovering Bio Sculpture has changed my life lol

This time, Rebecca encouraged me to try a bright colour and chose 306 Sunset Red from their African Sunset Collection. I thought my nails were too short for a bold colour but I was wrong. I have never been this happy with the way my nails look. Even better, the products are protecting my own nails from tearing and splitting and are being nourished.

she used:

  • Evo flex base 
  • Evo 80Base and build for strengthening layer
  • Colour is 306 African Sunset
  • Evo gloss topcoat 
  • Prep was done with the new bio sculpture whisper e-file
Rebecca Elise Instagram

“The main benefit of bio sculpture is that the nail artist can perform a completely bespoke manicure to best suit the condition of the natural nails because of the spectrum of gels that are offered. The gels range from flexible to solid to fit every nail type. Every service begins with a nail analysis where the nail artist then prescribes the best plan of action to ensure the client has a long lasting service.” Rebecca Elise


Carole never been able to grown her nails. They are soft, brittle and constanly tear. Nothing has worked. She has tried gels, acrylics, manicures – nothing works. They often tear halfway down the nail which is incredibly painful. She has taken to wearing press on nails just to protect her actual nails from tearing. Today, she had her first Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure and she is hopeful at last! Carole will go back in three weeks if this pliable, gel manicure allows her own nails to grow. She just wants a groomed, short nail and to maintain her natural nails. Healthy nails that look nice? Stay tuned! #biosculpturegel #biosculpture #biosculpturenails #biosculpturecanada #manicure #nailhealth

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