Have you been to Little Canada yet? It is the cutest little tribute to Canada in town. The museum is a dedicated portal to Canada’s many multi-faceted dimensions, and there’s no better time to visit Little Canada than March Break. Plus, where else can you see Canada Day fireworks in the middle of winter?

Squeeze Every Minute of March Break Fun at Little Canada

The labyrinth of littleness is located at Yonge and Dundas. This central location makes it easy to pop in for a promenade around town (yes, there are annual passes). The Underground Model Museum is equal parts adorable and educational. That makes it a perfect destination for all-ages March break fun.

little canada march break highway
No detail is too small to recreate

Each province (with many more coming soon) goes from day to night in a realistic and automated fashion. Cars move, trains honk, and daylight peaks behind ‘skyscrapers’. SkyDome opens, and TVs flash at Scotiabank. It’s not only geographically accurate but historically too. Each destination features facts and info about the locale. Enrichment is part of the entertainment at Little Canada.

The dedication of the team of designers, architects and engineers is damn impressive. Be sure to stop and visit the Miniature Makers in action. That’s where the talented team creates the magic.

Little Canada Continues to Inspire and Grow

little canada march break
SkyDome and Downtown Toronto’s Skyline

The devil is surely in the details here. A glassed-in observation room displaying each manoeuvre reveals an orchestra of staff ensuring there are no mishaps. Trains, buses and other vehicular traffic swing in for regular tune-ups. Painstakingly detailed, the replication is 1:87 scale.

Destinations include; Niagara, Toronto, Golden Horseshoe, Ottawa, Québec and East Coast. The North is next and expected to open this year. Yay, penguins!

But my favourite aspect of Little Canada is the devoted tribute to Terry Fox. Honouring his Marathon of Hope starting with a miniature version of his iconic journey is a moving touch. Terry’s brother, Fred Fox, came for the installation, with the Fox Family’s stamp of approval.

little canada march break night
Little Canada rotates between day and night

And the most interesting part of Little Canada? It was founded by a Dutchman, Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer who fell in love with Canada during a work stint in Ontario. Raising millions of dollars to raise this mini roof is a beautiful gesture to our nation.

Mini Me, Move Over- Little Me is Forever

Tourists and townies alike love to be immortalized by Little Canada’s Littlization Station. Come dressed to impress and become a permanent fixture in your preferred province. I donned my best Terry Fox T-shirt and requested to be placed near Terry himself. How delightful to be part of the scenery! And another wonderful reason to visit and be inspired by Canada’s greatness. For $59 you can become a fixture, and for a little more, take a mini-you home too. Be sure to look for my mini-me right near Terry. You choose where you’d like to be placed and Little Canada takes care of the rest.

little canada march break hwy of heroes
No detail is too small at Little Canada

You’ll learn about our geography, history and civics, all in one trip. It’s truly charming and downright adorable. Plus, where else can you see fireworks indoors? Little Canada is a love letter to all Canadians. Be sure to save about an hour and a half to visit each ‘province’. Plan to stay a while, an on-site cafe boasts snacks, coffee and more.

Every inch of this space is wheelchair friendly and accessible. Pay a visit to Little Canada this spring- March Break hours are extended until March 15th.

All images by Libby Roach.