a reminder of how it looked after the first treatment

Part 2

I returned 2 weeks after my first treatment (click here for a refresher) for my second appointment with Sasha at the MD Beauty Clinic 

He had a look at how the first round had settled and we had a good talk about what next steps could entail. He gave me a couple options, asking me to be sure I would be willing to spend the money to take the extra steps that would entail the “dream” results vs what the cost would be to have and maintain a very good result and then left that decision up to me. I felt no pressure to do more than I was comfortable with or to agree to pay more than I wanted to.

This time, instead of entering from the centre of my cheek,  he poked the little hole on the outer side of my upper cheekbone and went in with the cannula from that position. Like last time, there was no discomfort, just a bit of a weird feeling while he injects the actual filler.

We split another vial of filler between each side and even at this point, 2/3 of the way there, I am thrilled with the improvement.

this is a comparison of how looked before any treatment and then after two treatments

Three weeks later I was back at MD Beauty Clinic for my next Miracle 10 Peel and Sasha had a look at how the second treatment was settling and we decided, at that time, we did not need to add a bit of Juvaderm to my upper cheeks to add a bit of fullness and act as a shelf to hold the under eye filler in place. Again, I appreciate that there is no hard sell for treatments that I don’t need or want.

Sasha is very open about not wanting to force anyone to commit to something that is more than they need or can afford and offers realistic options that will fit my budget. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and am now happily committed to keep up with this under eye treatment, going forward. I asked about fixing my marionette lines and he explained why everything can’t always be fixed with just an injection to the problem area because the muscles in the face work together and sometimes to fix something in the lower half of your face, you have to do something to your cheeks or your forehead to help the problem area. He advised me to go home and think about whether I want to take that next step or whether I can live with the frowny lines. At this point, I am going to hold off on any more work and I feel like the improvements to my under eye area make me look less tired and haggard was what I came for. We will continue to monitor and we might make different decisions down the line.

I think that I can now speak from experience and say that A) this is NOT painful at all B) it’s not nearly as expensive as many of us assume C) you don’t have to end up looking like the crazy cat lady.

Final before and after – again, I am 55 and I have had dark hollows my whole life so I am never going to get rid of them completely, but this is more than I had hoped for. If you look closely at my jawline, you can see where the bit of botox has softened the droop. Subtle but that’s all I wanted.

The third and final visit went smoothly and Sasha split another vial between both eyes, making it a total of three vials of filler to achieve maximum results.

So, my thoughts after all is said in done:

I am so happy with the results. Going in, I knew that I would never be able to correct the deep scoops completely but I would have been happy with a 50% improvement and I feel like we have achieved much better than that.

I know that as I continue to age -DAMN YOU REALITY- that I will have to start adding some more stuff to try to keep these deep scoops under control but so far, I am content. This under eye treatment, at the end of it, would cost just under $2500 as my initial investment and then require smaller injections to keep it up as needed but filler, unlike botox, lasts much longer so it’s not something I have to do every 3 months. I received my initial treatments free of charge, but, as always, my opinions are 100% my own and I will continue the upkeep as a normal, paying customer.


I am also absolutely sold on the Miracle 10 Peel and will continue getting one of those every 6 weeks or so. I had no idea my skin wasn’t already as soft and smooth as it could be and although I often get compliments on my skin, it is noticeably better now.

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