One of the most appealing things about the newly rebranded, MD Beauty Clinic (Yorkville, Toronto), is the opportunity to nip in on your lunch, have a zap of botox or a top up of filler and go back to work and your coworkers will be none the wiser.

All non-surgical services now fall under The MD Beauty Clinic on Scollard Street in Toronto

When you first walk into this beautiful Yorkville beauty counter type store you’ll quickly find skincare products and makeup as well as offering beauty treatments. What’s new is that there also happens to be a team of trained injectors waiting for you alongside the aestheticians.  The convenience of being able to book your appointments online makes getting one of these non-invasive procedures as easy as booking a facial and, in fact, there is no reason why you can’t just get it all done at the same time. The majority of the treatments require little or no recovery time so you are truly in and out and back to life once you step out the door.

It feels so much less intimidating than sitting in the waiting room at a dermatologist’s office but you still get your treatment from an RN/RPN who has been trained by their board-certified surgeons and, in fact, they consult with those doctors regularly.

MD Beauty Clinic offers a full range of injections and fillers like botox, lip fillers, the Redensity II Under Eye Treatment or you can go for the whole Soft Lift Non-Surgical Face Lift, all in the Yorkville Clinic.

If you need a treatment that requires actual surgery, you do have to have that done at their facility in Mississauga but you can do your initial consultation at the Yorkville location, which is a huge convenience for everyone who lives and/or works in the city. 

“I don’t think it’s about vanity, I really don’t. It’s about feeling better about yourself” Ann Marie McDonald, Founder and President of MD Beauty Clinic Inc and Miracle 10 Cosmetics Inc

Founder and President, Ann Marie McDonald also sells her own Canadian made line of skincare products, Miracle 10 as well as a full line of makeup under the same moniker at the clinic. It’s truly a one-stop-shopping kind of experience – go get a skin treatment, a filler or botox top-up, grab a product that you are running low on or a new lipstick and off you go.

Elizabeth, a busy mom in her thirties, along with her mother, Ann both understand the needs of a broad age range of women who just want to look and feel a bit better.

I spoke to McDonald about the reasons behind bringing all of these services together under one roof and she told me that she looked to her clients and they were telling her that they really just wanted to go for their injections or their botox without having to do it at a plastic surgery clinic. This also allows for an opportunity to talk directly to the clients and offer a discreet, more approachable experience but with medical oversight. Ann, along with daughter and co-owner Elizabeth, strive to share their own philosophy “Better, not younger,” as they help people gain more confidence and just feel better about themselves.

I was invited to go in and try their Miracle 10 Facial Peel and this is where I admit that despite being a professional makeup artist of almost 40 years AND 55 years old, I have only had one facial in my entire life. You can call me skincare curious. After doing a consultation, I also decided to bite the bullet and sign up for their Redensity II Under Eye Treatment for my creature of the night situation, as well as a bit of botox to turn my frown upside down. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing my experience with my own treatments and pairing that up with a giveaway just for Auburn Lane readers, but, for now, go and enter their Instagram contest celebrating the launch of The MD Beauty Clinic for a chance to win $5000 worth of treatments

The deadline for entry into their Instagram contest on November 17 so chop chop!

The MD Beauty Clinic

67 Scollard Street, Toronto