Best Buy pulled out all the stops to turn a proper 1800’s Riverdale house into a modern masterpiece, befitting of the Jetson’s. The house, located on Broadview across from the city’s loveliest park, boasts a bounty of electric amenities that caters to any modern family. Even before you hit the front steps, there’s injections of thoughtful and intuitive tech sprinkled throughout the home’s landscaping.

Phillips Hue Calla Smart Outdoor Pathway Light

Enabled by your smartphone, you can custom set the Phillips Hue Calla Smart Outdoor Pathway Lights to way too many colours, and the system is voice enabled too. Imagine the fun you can create with colour coordinating lighting on a whim? The front door captures any visitors, with both the Arlo Security Camera and Ring WiFi Video Doorbell.

Google Home

Inside, a Google Home acts as command central for more mood creators, from heating to music to blinds to lighting, consider this hub your very own HAL 9000. But our favourite room in the house is always the kitchen, and that’s exactly where the tech magic really gets hot.

Samsung Family Hub Fridge

The Samsung Family Hub is the coolest fridge on the market. With a WiFi enabled touch screen you can leave notes to loved ones, check your fridge inventory, including a running tally on products that are about to expire, but my favourite detail has to be the interior camera- yes, that’s right- do we have milk? I mean, why should I physically have to check when the fridge can just SHOW ME.

Samsung Family Hub Fridge

Samsung Family Hub Fridge

And Best Buy didn’t forget the most important aspect of the home, installing a Nest Protect, a dual carbon monoxide and smoke alarm that is WiFi ready, sending important alerts right to your phone. As someone who once had to phone the fire department for a carbon monoxide alarm, I can attest to how much these gadgets are critical, and now improved by sending alerts right to your phone.


What new product are you most excited about? Thanks Best Buy for the tour!