Bagel Day is back and we’re going to butter you up with a few of our best bagel hacks. Beyond your basic breakfast toast, bagels are my absolute jam. Savoury, sweet, infused and injected with herbs or swirled with cinnamon, you can’t beat a bagel for its versatility and effortless deliciousness.

In honour of National Bagel Day, here’s a few bagel hacks to keep in your back pocket.


Buy ’em store ’em eat ’em right? Wrong. Unless you’re walking out of your local bagel shop with a hot reward in your left hand then you’re taking them home. Then they are plastic wrapped and ready to linger in your pantry until the right moment. Instead, unwrap these bundles and store them in a brown paper bag, and then back into plastic. Next, you can lovingly layer them down on your dedicated bagel shelf in your freezer.

Toasted tastes better, but you gotta rely on a steady hand to cut the bagel properly, ensuring an even distribution of heat over the halves. I prefer employing a precision tool to ensure a perfect slice, like this charming number from Crate and Barrel. Not only does it ensure you get the perfect dimensions resulting in an even toast, but it’s also safer to cut. Indeed, less cuts=equals more time eating bagels.

McEwan Fine Foods

Reduce. Reuse. Rebagel.

Do not discard your crusty leftovers because food waste is a burden we all share. Slicing your leftover bagels up into bagel chips is an easy way to make tasty crunchy crackers on a budget, or, another is to make crunchy croutons for your next salad. You can also break up sweet bagels like Dempster’s Signature Brioche Bagels to create a bread pudding on a budget.

All images by Libby Roach.