Mascaras have come a long way! They seem to just keep getting better and better each year. BENEFIT Cosmetics has just launched their newest mascara to their already impressive and innovative line up. FAN FEST Mascara is the latest to join the #1 mascara brand in Canada.FAN FARE Mascara - Benefit Cosmetics

What’s all the fanfare?

This new product is touted for it’s “fanning” and “volumizing” effects. For someone like me who wants to look more “awake” this instantly gives the appearance of more opened eyes – and this is EXACTLY what I  ask for when I splurge on eye lash extensions.

How it works?

It’s full-flex fanning brush works to give the lashes an amplified look with fuller volume. And the fanning formula makes everything stay put. Also, it doesn’t feel heavy if you want to add on an extra coat.

How long does it last?

After applying and drying this mascara offers 24 hours of wear. It also checks all my boxes — water resistance, humidity proof and sweat proof. It’s also smudge proof. So, no raccoon eyes resulting from this mascara!

FAN FARE Mascara - Benefit Cosmetics

Image from Benefit Cosmetics

What I love!

The application brush is easy to use and designed to fan out your existing lashes. Lashes don’t clump together and the individual lashes stay separated! It’s also seriously long lasting. I’ll be putting I through the humidity test this weekend. But so far so good!  This launched at the perfect time when I’ve been thinking it’s time to give my $200 eye-lash extensions a break. Yes, that’s what I spend as I prefer the Japanese techniques and quality of materials used!   I can see why this is going to be another fan favourite pretty quickly.

Where can you get it?

Sephora Canada now carries this particular Benefit mascara along side the other faves. But you can also check their list of stores here.