Stocking up on alcohol during any blip in society is a common place action. Toilet paper, canned foods, beer and wine. Usually in that order.

With people staying in more, experimenting in the kitchen or discovering a boredom with food they never had before understanding how beer pairs with dishes can make a normal meal an extraordinary one.

Sweet, light and refreshing Belgian Moon’s Mango Wheat is perfect on it’s own. Paired with food it’s even better. Brewed with real mango juice and a touch of honey the tropical flavors remind you of sunnier days and wind swept beaches.

Let me take you through a five course meal that will delight your senses and bring some variety back into your life.

Belgian Moon Mango Wheat to Sip

Of course you can pour yourself a tall glass of Belgian Moon but if you want to take it a different direction try making a beer cocktail.

Equal parts beer and orange juice solves brunch problems with perfect Beermosa or Beerlini. Take 2 ounces of tequila, 1 ounce lime juice and as much Mango wheat as you want for taste and now you have a beer margarita.

Belgian Moon Mango Wheat and Cheese

With a sweeter and fruitier beer like the Mango Wheat you want to stick with lighter and creamier cheeses.

The creamiest of the Brie will be cut by the effervescence of the beer while the funk of a goat cheese will sweeten up from the honey undertones. For a fruit burst pair it will an Apricot Stilton or explore the taste bud explosion of an aged manchego and Mango Wheat

Belgian Moon Mango Wheat to Start

Spicy food pairs wonderfully with a fruit beer. Samosa’s usually served with a fruit chutney will burst with flavor along side this beer while taming the heat and the lighter body of the beer won’t over power lighter meats like Cajun shrimp or crisp greens of a summer salad. The wheat beers extra carbonation will scrub away the fattiness of anything deep fried snacks.

Belgian Moon Mango Wheat as a Main Course

Again light meats and spicy dishes will shine alongside this beer. And don’t forget to try your hand at cooking with it. Reduce it to make sauces; use it to create marinades and dressings. Poach chicken or fish in a combination of stock and beer to add a delicate hint of tropical fruit to your dish.

Belgian Moon Mango Wheat for Dessert

Fruit desserts with a fruit beer is a no-brainer. Especially a mango beer with a mango dessert. Much like with creamy cheeses and fatty foods wheat beers are perfect palate cleanser for cheesecakes and ice cream. Try reducing it with a little more honey and pouring over fresh fruit or alongside a simple vanilla cake.

Beer is not just for drinking at break neck speeds or lounging at the cottage. It can be used as a complement to food, an ingredient to add to a recipe but most importantly a conversation piece. With a palate friendly beer like Belgian Moon Mango Wheat there are a world of possibilities to explore.
Belgian Moon Mango Wheat

This post has been sponsored by Belgian Moon. All opinions are 100% my own. Belgian Moon can be found wherever you purchase alcohol and please remember to drink responsibly.