Beer terminology can be a bit of a labyrinth. DIPA, NEIPA, Brett, DDH; acronyms and confusion for all. It would take all day for me to break it down for you with flip cards and Venn diagrams so instead I want to focus on the one word that to me signals the beginning of Spring; sessionable.
Used casually amongst beer drinkers or officially on beer labels, session beers are full flavour pints that come in at a comfortable 5% ABV or less. Meaning you can drink a lot of them in one “session.” What makes these beers different than “light” beers is that they are still bursting with flavour. Big juicy IPA’s and pale ales stay big and bold while the alcohol impact makes them crushable.

Goose Island Midway

Goose Island knows how to do sessionable well. With the recent release of Midway, their ISA; or India Session Ale; they have brought all the flavours of papaya, strawberry, orange marmalade and citrus with a small impact of 4.6%. Perfectly paired with spicy food, nutty cheeses or battered seafood the bitter finish of grapefruit pith and pepper helps tame the heat of food while cutting through the fat.

Commemorating the The Chicago World Fair of 1893, this session beer pleases all crowds. Hop forward enough for those wanting bursts of flavour and bitterness, yet well balanced with a sweet malt profile that rounds out the experience. You can get Midway now in the LCBO or The Beer Store or why not enjoy the full Goose Island experience and head down to the brew pub on the Esplanade for a meal and many pints.

Goose Island on The Esplanade

As the weather heats up don’t let big, bold beers scare you away. With brewers understanding the need for flavourful yet refreshing thirst quenchers watch as more sessionable options hit the market.

Thanks to the Goose Island team for inviting me to explore Midway!