You may have noticed the recent TikTok trend called #SkinCycling where beauty bloggers and influencers are taking the “less is more” approach to their nighttime skincare regime. But what is it, exactly?

Coined by renowned NYC Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe, skin-cycling is a rotation-based routine meant to give your skin a break from constant use of active ingredients daily in your overall routine, while working on how to properly layer and use less products for beautiful results. It’s a 4-day cycle focused on days to cater to specific needs such as exfoliation, retinoids and moisturizing. She’s also a proponent of understanding how the key to healthy, balanced skin goes hand-in-hand with a healthy, balanced gut and microbiome. If either are out of balance, you will see that reflected in your skin with conditions such as dryness, breakouts, premature aging, sensitive skin and other recurring conditions. So, if you’re using high quality skin care products remember paying attention to your body inside and out will offer maximum benefits.

Skin cycling is meant to transform your skin in a strategic way to keep it fresh, hydrated, exfoliated and soft.

As I stare at my skincare collection I’m not quite sure where to start. Now that the seasons are changing (winter is coming!!!) I will be switching out certain products like a  nutrient rich moisturizer and incorporating a barrier as the bitter winter wind will inevitably be here. How does skin cycling work now?

We tapped into the skin experts at Dermalogica to find out more.Dermalogica-skincare-beauty

So, Skin cycling is there a right time to do this? 

So often we find that introducing active ingredients to your skin care routine such as exfoliating acids or retinols can lead to flushing or irritation. Skin cycling can help you introduce these advanced products a few days a week allowing for recovery days in between applications to help prevent overprocessing the skin.

At Dermalogica our first priority will always be skin health, so skin cycling is a great concept to help prevent skin irritation. We also know, and celebrate that every skin is different so it’s super important to find what works best for you. Some skin may be more tolerable than others, speak to your Professional Skin Therapist about what the best routine would be for you.

There are some active ingredients we should be alternating and not use at the same time, retinol comes to mind, what can you tell us?

Retinol is definitely on the list, Vitamin C is up there as well. You really want to give those potent ingredients their time to shine and use them individually to maximise your results.

We have a bathroom cupboard full of amazing products that we love…how do we focus?

Really narrow down what your skin goals are. Is it tackling signs of skin aging? Retinol would be your go too! Is it creating dramatic brightness? Then Vitamin C would be your best bet. Remember, you can also look at layering your product. Perhaps you are targeting signs of skin aging but also experience dehydration – apply our retinol serum and layer a hydrating moisturizer, like Skin Smoothing Cream over top to rapidly saturate your skin with moisture.