Botox, it’s not taboo or just for celebrities anymore. This was a newsflash to me, who at 41.8 years old finally found my way to exploring the needle arts. Crawling out from under a rock takes formidable strength and determination, I figure it’s time I tell my side of the story.

I honestly don’t have any excuses. Botox is widely available and celebrated by nearly all of my friends. I’ve literally never heard of any negatives, only glowing ‘omg look at me‘ reviews instilling confidence in my belief that one day I would be ready too.

And then covid hit. Lockdown after lockdown and suddenly my 40th birthday present was a ticket to a vaccine clinic and not a day spa. With time ticking away and insecurities mounting, I rose, like a phoenix out of the ashes to finally take charge of my delicate visage.

Enter the team at FORM Face + Body.


FORM Face + Body botox

Being born into a suboptimal melatonin-less family of origin, as a wee lass I often suffered from day-ending sunburns. I’m sure sunscreen existed back then but cigarettes were $6 a pack and we all had to make sacrifices. Mine was the delicate first layer of my skin, mostly on my shoulders but my forehead, nose, and cheekbones paid the price too.

Aging is unavoidable, of course, unless you die young. Since I finally got a handle on this whole staying-alive thing, I figure Botox is my best bet to hit pause on this whole wrinkle parade.


Trust is key to every relationship but I’d argue even more crucial when you’re talking about injections to the face. After Carole’s glowing tribute to FORM Face + Body’s process, I knew this sage crew of industry professionals were sent to put me at ease. Megan Phillips is a registered nurse who performs non-surgical aesthetics for the bustling North York office. With two busy surgeons performing a slew of procedures from full breast reconstruction surgeries for post-op cancer warriors to non-surgical facelifts, the team puts patient care at the forefront.

Megan specializes in administering an ‘angel’ touch for fillers, Botox and Dysport, microneedling and skincare. Aligned in more than just their scrubs, doctors and nurses here work hand-in-hand to turn back time, ensuring a symmetrical fresh face no matter the course of treatment.

FORM Face + Body botox

After running through a quick medical history, Megan guided me through every motion. From scrunching your face to expose each crevasse to raising your eyebrows to Joey-esque levels, a map is revealed for Megan to follow, ensuring a symmetrical outcome. “Botox just naturally changes your look, if it’s done well. Beautiful, natural and symmetrical. You have beautiful skin, let’s keep it that way,” offered Megan. Kindness and a confidence booster, Megan dotted my eyes and crowned my 11s with tiny white marks to map out her next moves.

The art of ‘Baby Botox’ is that of a renaissance painter. Here Megan employs a steady hand to flush out creasing and deep lines that form on your face when you smile, speak or squint. (Pro-tip, stop doing that). Horizontal lines appear on your forehead from raising your eyebrows. The preventative use of Botox or Dysport decreases the ability to move these muscles, which limits the repetitive strain on your skin. Kinda like when your mom used to tell you not to make that face or it will get stuck, but in the opposite way.

FORM Face + Body botox
Megan Phillips, RN + Dr Jalil

Taking a conservative approach allows you to gently buffer into this new smoother you, mentally and physically. Keeping your you-ness, the expressions and eyebrow waggling that we’re all here for is vital to selling this story. While Botox is technically a toxin, it is 100% reversible, if you stop injecting it, you will return to your prior Eyeore-like status.

While side effects are extremely rare, and temporary, the team is available via text to answer any questions post-treatment. With 33 units plugged into my pores doing gods work, it’s noteworthy to mention it takes two days to notice any changes and a full fifteen for the full effect. Depending on your history with Botox, your metabolism and your rate of activity, you can expect your ‘bobo to need a reup after 3-5 months.

FORM Face + Body botox


With each of the 33 units neatly arranged along the canvas of my face resulting in nothing more than a slight touch, I had to face my new reality. I’m a big baby. Why did I wait sooooooooooooo long? Instead of costly cosmetics or aggressive laser treatments why not rely on science to evict the result of time?

Megan and Dr Jalil both suggest that the perfect time to start is whenever you’re ready. Prevention starts in your 20’s, or before wrinkles really happen. Doing your research and establishing a relationship with your Botox provider is key for a great outcome. Megan’s roster of repeat clients rely on her to study each angle and adopt a thoughtful and constrained approach to injectables.

Dr Jalil wasn’t surprised that I had waited so long. “My own Mom is 60+ and just got Botox for the first time. she’s like- I love it- and of course, all her friends are joining in. It’s really never too late for Botox. Whenever you start is the right time for you.”

Book a consult with the team for a trusted approach to aging well.

Images shot by Cierra Moran-Guevara from FORM Face + Body. Thank you Cierra for capturing these moments ❤️ Although my experience was generously hosted by FORM Face + Body my views and opinions are my own.